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How I Became a Romance Novel Heroine

[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
AuthorHachi Mitsumura uroco
Review 5(18 Review)
"Are you wet?" He reads me a passage from his romance novel,and then touches me to see if I'm turned on...What is this?! The pleasure has taken over me,I can't think straight...!! I'm an editor for romance novels,but I've never actually had a boyfriend.The one day I finally decided to try on sexy underwear,the string came loose and they fell off on my way to work! Too embarrassed to even look back,I rushed to the meeting with my new author wihout wearing any underwear at all. But...why does he have them?! "You're the only one who can be my new model." Suddenly,his body is on top of mine,and he's telling me I have to be the model for his sex scenes...What should I do?!



[ Total vol 2 ] Completed
AuthorHachi Mitsumura uroco
Review 3(3 Review)
"Why won't you ever finish me off?!" My boyfriend is gentle and dominant, but he always stops before I'm about to cum. Why? Because he's a public safety officer from the future, who came here specifically to keep me from having sex! Apparently, the reason for the problem of overpopulation in the future is my genes. And so, he teeters between his devotion to his mission and his feelings for me. But then, an anti-governmental man appears who wants me to pass on my genes, and suddenly he tries to have sex with me!


Elevator Sex, Caught in the act!

[ Total vol 8 ] Completed
AuthorHachi Mitsumura uroco
Review 5(15 Review)
Late at night, in the company elevator, I find myself getting fingered until I'm wet by my married boss, who then forces himself inside me. He thrusts into me over and over, and just as I'm feeling the brunt of his warmth, the door suddenly opens...and a junior worker sees us entwined!! "You're such a nympho after all," this once-sweet guy tells me, utterly transformed. Using the affair to threaten me, he molests me on the train, shoves a toy inside me at work, and... I have no idea what's going to happen next!!

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