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“Iproduction Co. Ltd.”

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[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
AuthorLin Sasaki
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
"I'll change you." When Yumiko, age 23, hears her crush (who has no idea how she feels) is engaged, she throws caution to the wind and decides to have a crazy night on the town! There, she gets picked up by a guy called Kikuo, who takes her to... a swingers' bar!? She escapes, but who should join her company the next day but Kikuo himself...! As Kikuo prods her to break her crush's engagement, Yumiko gives in and lets Kikuo school her in the ways of pleasure... Playing with Kikuo, and engaging in some mutual rebound sex with her manager Toshi... What's going to become of her office life now!? And what'll happen with her crush...!? This is a love story revolving around Yumiko, a straight-laced office worker gone astray.

AuthorBetti Taora
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 5(10 Review)
Yuko, a contract employee stumbles upon her boss's secret through pure coincidence. Now she's stuck being the secretary of her company president! He can be gentle than any women, but sometimes a complete animal too...... Finding it hard to adjust to her boss's "secret" at first, Yuko finds herself gradually getting attracted to her mysterious boss......

PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 5(2 Review)
"How did we end up meeting like this......?" Azusa Hiragi and Daichi Tateishi both work in the porn industry. By chance they became flat-mates, and gradually grew closer through an understanding of one another's work commitments. They share a small, fleeting romance, but it is cut short by the coldness of reality.......

AuthorMachiko Ocha
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 4(6 Review)
"Do you feel so good now that you won't let go of my fingers?" The lips that are forming those words are gently caressing my body over and over...... The young boss who suddenly appears before Hina, an office worker, is her ex-boyfriend from high school! Even though he was a meek and naive boy, he's now transformed into a hot guy! To top it off, he's more passionate in bed than her current boyfriend... So what on earth should she do!?

AuthorRitsuka Arisu
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 5(2 Review)
"I'm going to make you a substitute." I saw my Prince Charming for the first time in ten years. He calls my long-lost twin sister's name while making love to me... Left with no one to turn to, Iroha is taken to a house and the owner of the house turns out to be the boy she met when she was a little girl! But what Arashi wants is her sister, and he uses Iroha to satisfy his desires... "If you want me to like you, prove it." Iroha doesn't like seeing Arashi sad, so she has sex with him every day, hoping that it'll make him smile... One day, Iroha finds herself inside the room she's not supposed to enter...! What's going on in this place...!?

PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
"I know I should resist this... but... it feels so good..." Having taken over her grandfather's flower shop, Kasumi works herself to the bone to grow her business. Unbeknownst to her colleagues, she occasionally moonlights at "Maria", a hostess club run by one of her regular customers. To help her business grow, Kasumi will do anything. One night after helping out as a hostess, she gets a call about a bouquet of undelivered flowers and rushes to the customer. Wanting to apologize directly to the manager, she goes to him, when out of nowhere, he reaches out and rips the dress off of her! What is Kasumi supposed to do?! She wasn't expecting this...!

Authoranco kaz
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 3(1 Review)
"Spread your legs. Show us all what you've got." Just when I thought I'd gotten an ideal job at an electronics company, suddenly I'm told I'll be working in the adult-goods development department!! They make me try out all sorts of things just for the sake of their research... but even though I'm way out of my comfort zone, I can feel my body getting used to the pleasure...!!

Authoranco Kaen Hino
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
"The Vice-CEO's dick... is inside me! Why is this so embarrassing and yet still feel so good!?" Youko is a corporate secretary at an elite company. One day, when she finds herself in the reception room on the executive floor, she sees the CEO having sex with a young woman. In exchange for keeping quiet about it, Youko is forced to join a secret club exclusive to corporate executives. One of the club's parties turns out to be a wild orgy for executives to relieve their ?urges." Amongst this sweet frenzy of depravity, only the Director seems to be different from the other men......!

PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
"You sure are pretty, Ms. Kikuchi. But I can't tell you how I feel because you're in love with another man. So instead, I'll do everything I can to help you make him your own... I will help you until you get your man, on the condition you do everything I say..." He loves her, but he can't tell her. Where will this bittersweet relationship go?

AuthorHaruko Minami Rairei Munakata
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 4(2 Review)
"We're gonna get the most out of that body." Two men caress her below the navel with their slender fingers. Haruka once worked for a leading entertainment production company, but was suddenly fired. Getting a job as a custodian, she happens across her old colleague Inukai, but now he's got his own company! Inukai offers to rehire Haruka, but her duties have changed to... those of the flesh! That pristine body of hers is about to be ravaged...

AuthorShow Izumi
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 5(6 Review)
"Never in my life have I ever wanted someone so much. Will you marry me?" Following the death of her grandfather, in accordance with his last wishes, Maiko Aso, your average secretary, moves into a wealthy household with the Shiratoris. Does that mean she'll end up the bride to one of the three Shiratori brothers!? The oldest brother, Reiichi is the ultimate businessman and travels all over the world. The middle brother, Kyoji, despite being Japanese is a handsome lieutenant for the U.S. military. And the youngest, Ryozo, is a flourishing super star.... And ever since that fateful day, those three brothers have started to make their moves...!

AuthorNon Akina
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 5(13 Review)
Never been loved and never had sex, Shiho, a romance novelist, is in a rut. But then she meets the super-handsome, capable actor (porn star), Kou... and a twist of fate means the two start living together! "You want it, don't you?" he whispers as he holds her close and forces his tongue into her mouth... New experiences await!!


[ Total vol 8 ] Completed
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 5(7 Review)
"I'm making you my 'personal' assistant, effective immediately. Now, serve me with your body!" Yuumi's plain-old life as an office worker completely changes after becoming personal assistant to her company's young, elite president. Day after day she's made to serve his carnal desires at night in his office and even in the suite of a luxury hotel. Her initial embarrassment disappears as her body twinges in ecstasy every time he touches her......!!

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