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AuthorYuka Hijiri
PublisherLove Chocolat
Review 5(5 Review)
"I still don't believe it...... Kazuma, who's always been so nice to me, is now keeping me in confinement...!!" Ayano spends her days exhaustingly busy at work and she eventually collapses on the street. She is then saved by Kazuma, a comforting flower shop employee who Ayano considers to be the only good thing going on in her life. As he nurses her back to health, Ayano learns they both feel the same way about each other... And she then shares a passionate night of sex with the gentle Kazuma. After they finish, Ayano leaves a note and plans to be on her way, but the moment she tries to open the front door... Kazuma says to her "I won't let you go. You're mine now." ......!?

AuthorVanilla Soda
I'm Mayumi, and I spend my days in a lovey-dovey office relationship with my younger coworker, Naoto. He's normally a nice and gentlemanly boyfriend, but when he gets jealous or possessive, the beast in him comes out! I want to spend more quality time with my cool and adorable Naoto! This is a heart-throbbing and salacious anthology of stories about Mayumi and Naoto, with a sad and wistful standalone short story thrown in!

AuthorNene Jounouchi
PublisherLove Chocolat
"Relax...... and let me make you feel good..." I'm in a mixed hot spring bath with my younger boss!? Unazuki works for a hot spring information website, but they decided to shut down her "Hidden Hot Spring Resort Tour" section next month! Wishing to show the world less-known but great hot springs, she tells her younger boss Touji Arashiyama that she can't accept it. He tells her to leave it to him and they go together to a hot spring resort located deep in the mountains...... Unazuki takes a bath in front of her boss who's holding a camera, but as she feels uncomfortable trying to look relaxed, Touji suddenly gets in the bath with her. Then he pulls her body against his......!! "Oh, no... He's running his finger... over my body... and slipping it into me...!"

AuthorBetti Taora
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 5(10 Review)
Yuko, a contract employee stumbles upon her boss's secret through pure coincidence. Now she's stuck being the secretary of her company president! He can be gentle than any women, but sometimes a complete animal too...... Finding it hard to adjust to her boss's "secret" at first, Yuko finds herself gradually getting attracted to her mysterious boss......

AuthorYuri Tajima
"I'd like to fall in love with someone who's earnest and hardworking..." As soon as Rina thinks that, the CEO's hot nephew, Sakurada, is assigned to work in her division. Despite his wealth and popularity, he's friendly and diligent. As Rina helps Sakurada do an honest day's work, she falls for his charms, little by little. Late one night, with just the two of them working overtime, the distance between them shrinks and they grow even closer. But then Rina hears that Sakurada has a fiancee...



[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
AuthorLin Sasaki
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
"I'll change you." When Yumiko, age 23, hears her crush (who has no idea how she feels) is engaged, she throws caution to the wind and decides to have a crazy night on the town! There, she gets picked up by a guy called Kikuo, who takes her to... a swingers' bar!? She escapes, but who should join her company the next day but Kikuo himself...! As Kikuo prods her to break her crush's engagement, Yumiko gives in and lets Kikuo school her in the ways of pleasure... Playing with Kikuo, and engaging in some mutual rebound sex with her manager Toshi... What's going to become of her office life now!? And what'll happen with her crush...!? This is a love story revolving around Yumiko, a straight-laced office worker gone astray.

Mizuno has a secret crush on Katagiri, the president of her company. He's a nice, hunky guy, but she's plain and ordinary. If they can't be lovers, the least she can do is be close to him as his secretary. But one day, their lips meet by accident!! Ever since then, her heart beats faster whenever he's near, but Katagiri is his usual self, teasing Mizuno about her pretty lipstick making him want to kiss her again!! What was once a business relationship has taken a step into intimate territory - every time she discovers a new part of him, Mizuno is finding that she can't resist......

AuthorTonari Toyama uroco
PublisherW Comics ZR
"You're actually really naughty, aren't you...?" Has the nice guy sitting next to me suddenly gone wild!? I'm forcibly ravished on a night bus...... Responding to his bold advances with uncontrollable moans...... I was really anxious about riding on the night bus for the first time to get to Tokyo for a job interview. I'm happy that a real gentleman is in the seat next to mine, but I simply can't get to sleep...... That's when he says he'll help me and instructs me to close my eyes... But then he kisses me! I lose my mind as he strokes and caresses me...... The following day I get myself together and attend the interview, but... Who is this? No way...... The guy from the bus!?

AuthorManami Fujiwara
"Didn't I tell you that if you don't like it, you should just say so?" Mizuki applies for a job, but the man conducting the interview is the guy she had a one-night stand with. He was so skilled with his fingers and the sex was so good that for the first time ever, she begged for more. Now that she looks different he might not realize it's her, but she never imagined she would end up working in his department! And then, when they're alone in the elevator, he suddenly kisses her!

AuthorKurumi Sumomo
In place of her older sister Sae, who's always at her boyfriend's place, Emi must start training as the next manager of her family's hotel. Ever since they were kids, Sae always came first... But now Emi's the one who has to train as "madam"!? She's unhappy with the decision, but finds out the man she has a crush on, Mr. Kaga, will help choose a kimono for her new role as manager. Mr. Kaga has never once compared her to Sae, and Emi slowly fell in love with him. However, she discovers he was promised Sae's hand in marriage...

AuthorSaya Dando
Review 5(1 Review)
Shy college student Michiko harbors secret feelings for young Professor Tanigawa. One night, she visits his office, only to witness Tanigawa in the middle of masturbating while calling out the name of a woman she doesn't know! Jealousy drives Michiko to do something she'd never do normally. Using his embarrassment at being caught in the act as leverage, she makes him a slave to her desires... So begin the passionate, secret meetings between the hot professor and the girl in love! But what surprising twist awaits the two at the end of their tryst...!?

AuthorAri Hanamoto
PublisherLove Chocolat
"Very nice. Squeal louder." No, I don't want my dear Mr. Suga to hear...!! He's the most clueless middle-aged manager. But to Tsukasa....... Mr. Suga's kind, wonderful, and the most charming man on Earth. The man of her dreams!! One day, one of the hottest guys in the company gets transferred to her department. They call him "Sir Ebi," and all the ladies want him. Everyone's jealous when Sir Ebi is assigned to the project she's working on with Mr. Suga....... but he's totally in the way! Sir Ebi won't leave Tsukasa alone...... Until one night, when they're together in the office, he makes a move on her! He's no gentleman, he's a wild beast!! His very touch sends shivers down her spine......! "Why me?" Who is Mr. Ebi really after, anyway!?

AuthorUruko Uesugi
My name's Yurika and I work at a hostess bar. One night, I'm walking home pissed off after some customer named Fujiki gave a me a hard time, and a stalker tries to have his way with me. And believe it or not, Mr. Fujiki comes to my rescue!! We go on a few dates after that, and I really start to like him... But we're just hostess and client, nothing more, right...? Then, I hear that he's moving abroad for work!! I go sprinting out of the club, and to my surprise I find out he felt the same way as me!!

AuthorAn Nirasaki
PublisherLove Chocolat
Review 5(1 Review)
My extremely serious older boss has turned into a super sexy beast!? I'm tied to the bed and he stirs me inside as I obscenely overflow with naughty juices... On her way home after drinks with colleagues, office worker Momoko Misono realizes she forgot her phone, and heads back to the bar... There, she finds a man collapsed next to the dumpster. She tries to check on him, and it turns out to be her boss, Mr. Sakaguchi!! The ever-serious Mr. Sakaguchi, who's kind of hard to approach... "Have you forgotten what your boss looks like?" he asks, but... she's never seen him like this before! He half-drags her to a hotel, and the fact that he's so different from his usual self draws her in... She just can't say no! Actually, she wants more! Her older boss is toying with Momoko using his special techniques...!!



[ Total vol 5 ] Completed
AuthorHazuki Akane
Review 5(1 Review)
That day she sees her coworkers having sex in the secluded file room... The muffled moans and wet sounds of bodies rubbing together. Affected by the shocking spectacle, Emiko masturbates in the office restroom and becomes aware of her irrepressible lust. Her relationship was going well - her live-in boyfriend, Sou, is kind to her. But they haven't had sex in three years. She'd always assumed it was normal to be like this after dating a long time, but......



[ Total vol 4 ] Completed
PublisherW Comics ZR
Encountering her boss while only in a towel!? After being cruelly stripped of it, her exposed naked body is toyed with against her will...... She's never felt anything like this...... Miu works at a matchmaking agency, but without much success. Every day, she's taunted by her sarcastic boss, Shima...... She makes another blunder at an overnight event, and sulks in her room at the hotel. While half asleep, Miu goes out into the hallway with only a towel on......! She can't get back into her locked room, and then who should show up but Shima!! Just as she's feeling relieved at being let into his room...... He suddenly kisses her! Stripped naked and violated by his lustful advances, her body starts to feel strange......

AuthorAkane Hinata
"Let's test to see if you're really as frigid as you say." I'm Alisa, and I'm an office worker. I was dumped by my boyfriend because I wasn't responsive enough during sex... One year to the day since we separated, I start drinking alcohol - something I'm not used to doing. Then I'm approached by a man in a bar and end up giving myself to him! The next day, at work, that very same man is transferred in as my new boss! Now I'm doing overtime and he's ordering me to have sex with him!! No... No way! You're gonna stick it inside me right here!!? The sex is oh so rough!!

AuthorSauro uroco
PublisherW Comics ZR
Review 5(4 Review)
"Your body is so sensitive, you just don't know what to do with it, do you?" My boyfriend's on the other side of the phone, but my superior still sticks it all the way in... and my body hungers for even more pleasure! I met this really hot older guy on a trip overseas, even though I'm in a really romantic relationship with my boyfriend back in Japan... I end up having a one-night stand with this guy! And it turns out that he's my superior at work! He forces me to have sex and then makes me cum over and over again! What's going to happen to my love life?!

AuthorMomonon Azukiya
I'm dating my boss and we're madly in love, but sometimes I don't know what he's thinking... One day, a beautiful woman shows up. He knows her. They're close. So I start to wonder... How does he actually feel about me...?

AuthorHairi Takamiya uroco
PublisherW Comics ZR
Review 4(1 Review)
"You're jealous, aren't you? That's why you're watching this at work." ......He caresses me in all of my most sensitive spots and that's all it takes to make me come...... I've never... had sex like this before...! Maika is troubled by the fact that her boyfriend, Shogo, doesn't think about her needs at all during sex. Then, one night, she is caught by the office heart-throb, Mr. Kurokawa from the I.T. department, secretly watching porn at her desk......! The two of them are alone together after hours...... Maika is then stripped naked and pushed onto a desk and has her legs spread apart...... "I know we shouldn't be doing this, but it feels so good that it's making my mind go blank......!"

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