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[ Total vol 8 ] Completed
AuthorAi Morinaga
PublisherMAG Garden
Review 5(3 Review)
A new generation drama by Ai Morinaga! One day, a plain boy and a strong-willed girl change places, and all kinds of trouble ensues!



[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
AuthorSho-ko Inada
PublisherMag Garden POP
Review 5(2 Review)
Kyouko Sako, a 26-year-old virgin otaku woman with no boyfriend, was perfectly happy with her otaku life. But then she got dumped in a strange turn of events, and it made her start thinking about love... What sort of love is waiting for Kyouko Sako, extreme beginner at romance!?



[ Total vol 5 ] Completed
AuthorArima Sayaka
PublisherMag Garden POP
In this modern age, where banks, creditors, and other such money-oriented businesses are abundant, one negotiator has been acting in secret. Hakuchi Madoka, a young man who'd gone to a toy store, ends up destroying some merchandise, for which the store demands reparations. Suddenly, a mysterious woman calling herself a "price cutter" appears before the distraught Madoka, and the situation takes a surprising turn... So begins the price-reduction story of this unlikely duo!

AuthorSakura Kinoshita
PublisherMAG Garden
Review 5(1 Review)
The true form of the mysterious boy Loki is that of the dark Norse god of the same name, master of trickery and deceit. For some strange reason, he is living as a human boy and working as a detective. Today again he's solving difficult cases on the first try, along with mystery-obsessed high-school girl Mayura, Narugami, and Yamino! The Mythical Detective Loki, the fantasy mystery comic, which was also turned into a very popular anime, has finally made it to digital!!

AuthorNanae Chrono
PublisherMAG Garden
An alternative take on the Shinsengumi, this story follows a young boy named Tetsunosuke Ichimura who is determined to become stronger and so tries to join the Shinsengumi.The young Tetsunosuke is treated like he's just some dumb kid and is turned down at the door.Soon after, he meets a black-haired young man walking his pet pig. Inspired by the man's words, Tetsunosuke is told he can join the Shinsengumi... if he takes on Souji Okita.



[ Total vol 15 ] Completed
AuthorSeiuchiroh Todono
PublisherMAG Garden
10,000 years since civilization was born.......humanity had for the first time come to face a "kind" that was stronger than itself......
A "violent" action-packed sci-fi teenage drama written by Todono Seiuchiroh...!


Tokyo Lastochika

( Current vol 2 )
AuthorMiyoshi Furumachi
PublisherMAG Garden
Review 4(3 Review)
In 1910, Hana Tsumura is hired to work as a servant for the Arima estate, throwing her into a turbulent whirlpool produced by the changing times and her meeting with Mitsuyuki, the young master of the household.

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