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Author > “Shibuki Chouno”

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( Current vol 3 )
AuthorShibuki Chouno
Review 4(4 Review)
"Please use my dirty hole. It's my job to serve you." Chisato, a young guy who was sold by his parents, goes from house to house as a butler who is willing to do anything. This time, he is sent to a yakuza's home. At first he thought he was going to have to offer his body while dressed in women's clothing... However, he is treated kindly by one of the leaders, Mashiba. Then one day, another gang leader, Mishima, asks Chisato to "entertain" him and his crew...... Chisato can only scream in ecstasy while his ass is stretched and impaled by numerous huge penises. No matter how much Chisato takes, he smiles... "This is my raison d'etre." When Mashiba sees this, he can no longer control his anger...

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