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[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
AuthorMeguru Toujou
Review 4(2 Review)
England, late 19th century. Detective Andrew Drake has the ability to see visions. With the help of his ability and his medical student roommate Seth he's tracking down a serial murderer who's been slaughtering beautiful women in London. Now he's afraid that a young lady called Evangeline might be the next victim... but she's harboring a terrible secret.


ESUKA of Crimson

[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
AuthorFumika Okano
Review 4(1 Review)
Touko belongs to a group of students with psychic powers, called Group E. One year ago one of them died, and they try to cope together with their teacher. However, more deaths start happening. The group starts to learn the conspiracy about the incident, and how it's related to the missile attack that scarred the town 10 years past.



[ Total vol 5 ] Completed
AuthorMikage Yoshiuchi
Review 4(3 Review)
In the beginning of the third decade of the Showa era - Japan was finally righting itself from the destruction of the war. It was a period where people rushed towards progress with blind enthusiasm. Chihiro Shindo, a strange cop with a passion for observation comes face-to-face with Shinobu Sako, a handsome, crazy youth. Sako turns himself into the police saying, "If you kill someone, this is where you have to come, right?" Around this young, irreverent murderer and detective swirls suspenseful drama in the tradition of the Showa Era!

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