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AuthorTonari Toyama
Toranosuke (Tora) transfers to a prestigious all-boys boarding school in England, attended mostly by super wealthy students. However, the luxurious and refined lifestyle, in which a butler tags along everywhere, is just too uptight for him...... That's when he meets Glenn. One of the hottest guys in the academy, Glenn falls for Tora at first sight......! "You're cute. I've fallen for you!" One night, Tora doesn't return to the dorms...... Glenn gets a bad feeling and goes out searching in panic. He finds Tora in a classroom, looking worse for wear...... "Why... did it turn out like this? If this is a dream... could somebody wake me up......?" A sadistic and dark world is seen through the cracks in an academy that seems peaceful at first glance...... It's a sad yet sweet and youthful love story between young men who carry pain. This scintillating tale with hot guys everywhere is a must-read!

AuthorTonari Toyama
Review 5(2 Review)
On a certain island a territory war has been going on for a long time between four gangs who each control one corner of the land. All four realize that the group that controls the center will be the group that comes out on top. However, what currently stands in the center is an old bathouse that each of the four tries in their own way to take control of! While the four gang leaders are busy with their struggel for territory, the young Akira is just trying to keep the bathhouse he has taken over from his deceased grandfather from going under! Each Boss tries a different technique to get Akira to cave in but there is one among them who seems to look upon Akira fondly as the others try to trick him.

AuthorTonari Toyama uroco
"You're actually really naughty, aren't you...?" Has the nice guy sitting next to me suddenly gone wild!? I'm forcibly ravished on a night bus...... Responding to his bold advances with uncontrollable moans...... I was really anxious about riding on the night bus for the first time to get to Tokyo for a job interview. I'm happy that a real gentleman is in the seat next to mine, but I simply can't get to sleep...... That's when he says he'll help me and instructs me to close my eyes... But then he kisses me! I lose my mind as he strokes and caresses me...... The following day I get myself together and attend the interview, but... Who is this? No way...... The guy from the bus!?

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