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"You've won a trip to visit the old castles of Europe as well as a luxurious spa," reads a letter that arrives at the bookstore where Sara works. The only problem is, she doesn't remember entering any contest! Her heart still stung by old wounds, Sara isn't particularly interested in claiming her prize, but her friend badgers her into leaving for the Kingdom of Carvania anyway. But when she arrives, he's waiting for her?Aleks, her old lover who vanished without so much as a word five years ago. He's the owner of the castle where she's staying...and the prince of Carvania! With cold eyes, he leads her to a young boy's sickbed and tells her he's brought her there so she can be an organ donor for the boy...the son she abandoned years ago!


AuthorYuuki Hinase
The only daughter of the Kiryu mob family, Midori, has a bodyguard/chaperone - the juvenile delinquent outsider, Umemoto. She kind of has a thing for him, but she also has a fiance she needs to marry to ensure her family's future...... "Run away with me...... Ume......" What is the fate of their pure love......!? Plus, a rough-and-tumble romantic adventure set at a venerable hot spring inn between the innkeeper's daughter Kozue and gangster Kagura! Enjoy these stories of burning-hot bad boy romance!

PublisherLove Chocolat
"Isn't it important for your manga to be realistic? Here, I'll show you how it REALLY goes down......" Sachi Oshima is an office worker who moonlights as a pornographic-manga artist. While she often finds herself daydreaming about the pleasures of the flesh, she is in fact a virgin. Sachi has nothing to base her sex scenes on except her own imagination, so she often spends long hours trying to make them right. Still half asleep when she gets to work, she mistakenly hands over the draft of her pornographic manga to a coworker - the cold, teasing Shibamichi!! "Ms. Oshima, are you still a virgin? All these sex scenes are totally unrealistic. It's all just fantasy, right?" comments the mean Mr. Shibamichi. When Sachi tries to object, Shibamichi suddenly pounces, coaxing her to "see what comes next in the story"!! She can't believe his fingers inside her could feel this good......! Shibamichi's forceful fingers provoke pure pleasure! Who could've seen this coming!? Sachi's way past fantasizing now... "I know that this is wrong, but I can't help but want to see what comes next......!"

Beth's friend convinces her to pretend to be his lover at his party. That's where she meets the man she still sees in her nightmares... She can't believe she's met him again-Dante, the ruthless lawyer who put her behind bars when she was just nineteen years old, and innocent, to boot! And she'd only just changed her name, left her past behind and started a new life for herself. They should be bitter enemies, but Dante's masculine charms and calm, seductive manner make Beth's heart race. Doesn't he remember who she is? But Dante steals a deep kiss from her in broad daylight...and that's only the beginning of his feverish pursuit!


Juliette, a destitute seamstress living in nineteenth-century London, comes upon a man being attacked by ruffians in the dead of night. Instinct takes over, and she pelts them with potatoes to save the man. He is Sir Douglas Drury, a courtroom lawyer and a baronet. His mind in a haze, he calls out to her and plants a sweet, passionate kiss on her cheek. When he wakes up, though, he's forgotten all about the kiss and treats Juliette as his servant, but when Sir Douglas's mysterious assailant targets Juliette's life, she pretends to be Sir Douglas's lover and makes her debut in high society in search of the culprit!


AuthorYua Utsugi uroco
"That's just the kind of hotel this is, you know?" My teacher has got me pinned down in the S&M room at a love hotel...! What should I do? I can't run away...!! My name is Kana; I'm a high school girl by day and a love hotel owner by night. Of course, it's a secret to everybody at school. My grades have dropped due to the stress from my busy life, but I'm kind of happy that it gives me an excuse to receive extra lessons from Mr. Saitou, the teacher I admire. One day, however, a guest at my hotel catches my eye... What!? It's Mr. Saitou!? And the room he chooses to stay in is the hotel's most popular room, the S&M room!! Really!? That kind and gentle teacher...!? Flustered and shocked, I'm forced to go into his room! What will become of me...!?

PublisherTakeshobo co.,ltd.
Haruya goes to an art college while working as a popular gay prostitute. He doesn't realize it, but he's in love with his best friend since junior high and classmate Kazushi! However, his shameful feelings must remain a secret. Haruya continues to work while in denial about his feelings, until one day, he witnesses Kazushi doing something unbelievable!! After much consideration, Haruya takes action...... Admire the pure (!?) love and the confident eroticism between an emotionless art student and a gay prostitute. This is Owal's first full-length manga. A love-filled, previously-unpublished chapter is included!!
NOTE: "The Trials of Snow White", which is included in this manga, has also been published separately as a stand-alone story.

AuthorAki Hiura
There I was, enjoying a sex-triangle life, sharing a house with two guys. Then one day, a classmate moves in, and they ask me to try them out one day at a time...! "Please decide which of us is the best." The guys then take turns driving their stiff rods deep inside me...!! "I... can't go on....!! I'm being humped red raw!" I begin to lose my mind as my mouth and all other openings are filled!! Also includes "Breast Shaking Nude Workout! Work on those pelvic muscles."

PublisherLove Chocolat
"Please.... Give me more...... More!" With those fingers she's been longing for inside of her, she's melting all over! Mr. Tanizaki reminds Ayaka of her favorite junior high school teacher, especially his hands. She has a hand fetish, and she falls completely and secretly in love with him; so in love that she sneaks pictures of his hands on her phone every day. Her obsession knows no bounds!! She's even made herself a 3D-printed replica of his hand, which she uses to pleasure herself every night. One day, while working on a project alone with him, she finds herself stuck when trying to write a bedroom scene for a women's love-simulation game. "I'm... actually a virgin......" When Mr. Tanizaki hears that, he suddenly......! "Okay, I'll use my hands. For research."

AuthorMiho Shimazu
PublisherLove Chocolat
"You WILL listen to what I say!" I just met this guy and he's doing whatever he wants to me... It's really embarrassing, but my body is on fire!! One day, this wild, long-haired guy, Yanagi, and his gentle lawyer friend, Sakurazaka, come to visit Miyabi at her house. According to them, her father, who passed away six months ago, owes them $50,000. With no way to pay them back, Yanagi says she can pay it off quickly working at his club. Without any other options, Miyabi goes along with them...... But when she gets to work, it turns out to be a secret club for VIPs!! She can't believe how grabby the clients get......! Licked here, touched there, but it feels so good......!!

AuthorYuka Hijiri
PublisherLove Chocolat
Review 5(5 Review)
"I still don't believe it...... Kazuma, who's always been so nice to me, is now keeping me in confinement...!!" Ayano spends her days exhaustingly busy at work and she eventually collapses on the street. She is then saved by Kazuma, a comforting flower shop employee who Ayano considers to be the only good thing going on in her life. As he nurses her back to health, Ayano learns they both feel the same way about each other... And she then shares a passionate night of sex with the gentle Kazuma. After they finish, Ayano leaves a note and plans to be on her way, but the moment she tries to open the front door... Kazuma says to her "I won't let you go. You're mine now." ......!?

AuthorSakura Hayase
PublisherLove Chocolat
"Why don't you just prove that love of yours?" The man she admired is actually deranged! Momoka has started working as a housekeeper for Sosuke Senbongi, head of a famous house of Noh performers. She'd heard he was a little wary of people, but the man she meets has quite the difficult personality! Undeterred by his rude attitude, Momoka doesn't give up. But then a frustrated Sosuke suddenly pins her down......! "If you don't want me, then fight back and flee!" His hand creeps up and slides her panties off, and his tongue moves along the curves of her breasts and sucks her nipples...... How can her first time be like this......!? It's rough and it hurts, but when he kisses her so gently she can't help but want to heal his wounded, twisted heart! "......Can I really help him?"

AuthorEmiri Ito
Review 4(3 Review)
"I have the maternal chromosome!?" Aki can conceive, an ability which can be found in only one in a thousand people. To ensure the survival of the human race, he participates in a program under state control...... But it turns out to be a forced copulation camp! "I just kissed you and touched your nipples and you already have a boner." His sadistic partners take his virginity and cover him in their cum! After taking part in a series of hard-core sexual activities including anus dilation and massages that help to conceive, he finally gets pregnant......!?

AuthorAzumi Kana
Who would expect to get sexually harrassed during some boring part-time job!? That's exactly what happens when yours truly (said part-timer Haruka Akizuki) gets sent to a famous writer's estate to pick up his latest work. The guy, a bigwig in the field and sporting the face of a real player (must get laid all the time!) tells me it's not ready. I'm freaking out, trying to get him to write, when he says, "I want a treat when I'm done." Did I hear that right?? And what's this thrill I'm getting, being tied up and... Was that MY voice...!? A dude's never done that to me before! The hell's going on with me...!? These are a part-timer's hard days at the mercy of an eccentric novelist! It's a sadistic, erotic love story from Azumi Kana!

How could this have happened? The man Princess Pippa of Chantaine fell for was Nic Lafitte, whose family is the sworn enemy of Pippa's family. She wished that she didn't know who he was. She wished that she could simply enjoy being in his confident and regal arms and revel in the heat of his lips. But once she discovered he was the enemy, she had to squelch her feelings so as not to betray her country. Yet after calling an end to their relationship, they encounter each other again. Is it her destiny to face him?


When Zach and Tess got married, everyone was overjoyed and thought they were the perfect couple. Quiet, strong and reliable Zach was looking for a wife, while hardworking single mother Tess needed a new husband to support her family. But Tess secretly pines for another man. Too bad Zach has caught on.


AuthorShibuki Chono
"Ah! Huff! Stop......!" "It's so hot inside you. And see? You're leaking so much......" A man's groping his junk in the office in the middle of the night. It's so scandalous, yet his tip's getting wet...... Okita tries to resist, but he can't hold in his moans. "Why am I being molested by a samurai in the office at night......!?" ......It all started at his company's new employee welcoming ceremony. Deputy manager Okita had his eyes on a handsome, smart-looking man called Shirado who'd just been hired. But when Shirado arrives at work the next day, he's wearing a kimono and speaking in archaic Japanese! He's a good-looking yet eccentric man who loves samurai! ...And at night, his personality suddenly changes! He forcefully strokes Okita down there and teases his hole...... "M'lord! My love blade is growing from my love for you!"

AuthorWataru Masumi
Review 5(1 Review)
In order to catch a rapist, Koike is dressed in drag and sent out to investigate. He sees someone suspicious at the crime scene and decides to follow him, only to be easily caught by the perpetrator himself! Thinking Koike is a woman, the man begins to molest him, only to be told by Koike himself that he is a man. Except... the rapist doesn't seem to mind and soon begins to play with Koike's ass using everything from his gun to his nightstick. When his co-worker Ogi shows up, Koike thinks he is saved but what happens next... you will have to read to find out!

AuthorHitomi Tsukise Junko Matsufuji Misuzu Sasaki JESSICA STEELE
On the verge of tears, personal assistant Taryn makes for the elevator. Just moments ago, she quit her job after her trusted boss kissed her in a moment of weakness. Never would Taryn have dreamed that the man she meets in the elevator would become her next boss. Jake Nash, CEO of industry leader Nash Corporation, hires her for a temporary secretary position with a promise not to mix love and work. It's a hard job, but Taryn is thrilled to be working at such a top- tier company. However, one day she has a sudden revelation: she's falling for her boss!.


AuthorAmii Hayasaka Elizabeth Mayne
This bundle contains: HEART OF THE HAWK 1 , and HEART OF THE HAWK 2
Torn from her life of privilege and held in a ravaged Saxon keep, Thea Bellamy soon realized her true nature. She'd found love in the arms of her captor, Roderick, a man her reason insisted she should hate, but whom her heart could never deny!

(c)Amii Hayasaka/M.KAYE GARCIA

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