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AuthorSaori Fukutoku
Review 5(4 Review)
Fuka's dream has always been to become a flight attendant, so she applies for a job at an airline company that has a lot of hot male pilots. She makes a lot of mistakes during training, though, so eventually she's told that the only way to keep going with this job is to become a "special" flight attendant... one who does sexual work in order to relieve pilots' stress! And so, after getting trained by her instructors, she begins her first flight, where she runs into Sho, a pilot who she was secretly in love with! For some reason, he wants to have her all to himself, and violently penetrates her! And the more sadistic he gets, the more she likes it?!


( Current vol 3 )
AuthorShibuki Chouno
Review 4(4 Review)
"Please use my dirty hole. It's my job to serve you." Chisato, a young guy who was sold by his parents, goes from house to house as a butler who is willing to do anything. This time, he is sent to a yakuza's home. At first he thought he was going to have to offer his body while dressed in women's clothing... However, he is treated kindly by one of the leaders, Mashiba. Then one day, another gang leader, Mishima, asks Chisato to "entertain" him and his crew...... Chisato can only scream in ecstasy while his ass is stretched and impaled by numerous huge penises. No matter how much Chisato takes, he smiles... "This is my raison d'etre." When Mashiba sees this, he can no longer control his anger...

AuthorAri Hanamoto
PublisherLove Chocolat
"Very nice. Squeal louder." No, I don't want my dear Mr. Suga to hear...!! He's the most clueless middle-aged manager. But to Tsukasa....... Mr. Suga's kind, wonderful, and the most charming man on Earth. The man of her dreams!! One day, one of the hottest guys in the company gets transferred to her department. They call him "Sir Ebi," and all the ladies want him. Everyone's jealous when Sir Ebi is assigned to the project she's working on with Mr. Suga....... but he's totally in the way! Sir Ebi won't leave Tsukasa alone...... Until one night, when they're together in the office, he makes a move on her! He's no gentleman, he's a wild beast!! His very touch sends shivers down her spine......! "Why me?" Who is Mr. Ebi really after, anyway!?

Review 5(3 Review)
Taro has lost his home, his job, everything, and doesn't know where to turn. He finds himself taken in by a family of seven brothers he's never seen before. They're lively, and nosy...and he finds himself slowly becoming a person again through this slightly naughty lifestyle, but...!? In the bath, in the entranceway, in the can't miss this straight boy at the mercy of these 7 handsome brothers!

Review 5(6 Review)
"You'll do as I say until I say enough." I'm straight, but I enjoy taking pictures of hot guys to look at. One day, I accidentally drop photos from my collection, and who should find them but Kashitate, the guy the photos were of! Underneath Kashitate's friendly smile is a cruel sadist. "If you don't want people to find out..." At first it was just running errands, but things go a little too far... But it's so hard to turn him down when he's so good-looking!! Where is all this gonna lead...?

AuthorAn Nirasaki
PublisherLove Chocolat
Review 5(1 Review)
My extremely serious older boss has turned into a super sexy beast!? I'm tied to the bed and he stirs me inside as I obscenely overflow with naughty juices... On her way home after drinks with colleagues, office worker Momoko Misono realizes she forgot her phone, and heads back to the bar... There, she finds a man collapsed next to the dumpster. She tries to check on him, and it turns out to be her boss, Mr. Sakaguchi!! The ever-serious Mr. Sakaguchi, who's kind of hard to approach... "Have you forgotten what your boss looks like?" he asks, but... she's never seen him like this before! He half-drags her to a hotel, and the fact that he's so different from his usual self draws her in... She just can't say no! Actually, she wants more! Her older boss is toying with Momoko using his special techniques...!!


[ Total vol 5 ] Completed
AuthorHazuki Akane
Review 5(1 Review)
That day she sees her coworkers having sex in the secluded file room... The muffled moans and wet sounds of bodies rubbing together. Affected by the shocking spectacle, Emiko masturbates in the office restroom and becomes aware of her irrepressible lust. Her relationship was going well - her live-in boyfriend, Sou, is kind to her. But they haven't had sex in three years. She'd always assumed it was normal to be like this after dating a long time, but......


[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
AuthorMimu Hinata uroco
"You will lose your virginity within a week!" A friend took me to see a fortune-teller, who then made this shocking declaration! If I meet a boy with a heart-shaped mark on his body today, he will be the one I'll have my first time with! But I don't have a boyfriend, and I've never even talked to my crush in private before... Or so I was thinking, when I ran into him, my senior from college, and got invited to a drinking party at his house... Is HE the man of my destiny...? However, my mischievous childhood friend and my friendly junior also turned out to be there... Which of these three boys will I end up having sex with...!?

AuthorBetti Taora
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 5(10 Review)
Yuko, a contract employee stumbles upon her boss's secret through pure coincidence. Now she's stuck being the secretary of her company president! He can be gentle than any women, but sometimes a complete animal too...... Finding it hard to adjust to her boss's "secret" at first, Yuko finds herself gradually getting attracted to her mysterious boss......

AuthorChiyoko Nonomiya
Review 5(3 Review)
Plain-looking, short Ayumu's two best friends since childhood, Hayato and Ryuji, are good-looking guys who are perfect in looks and in character, but recently Ayumu feels there's something strange about their relationship. He asks Nishina, a girl they've been friends with since junior high, and she tells him there's a rumor that Ryuji and Hayato are a couple. Ayumu can't hide his shock, but... "Those two are together... That makes sense..." What will become of this cute little ugly boy's bittersweet love...!? Good-looking guys will regret not reading this! Don't miss this super transformation comic!

Review 3(2 Review)
Kasugai is a policeman who lives in a peaceful country police box. But then, suddenly, a strange armored man comes in! And he's super good-looking! He calls himself Akechi Mitsuhide, from the Warring States period, and said that he fled his violent boss... Kasugai takes custody of him, but night after night he talks to Kasugai about teaching him the ways of "shudo," and wants to have mad sex with him! Soon, the evil hands of Mitsuhide's violent boss - Nobunaga, draw near! And thus, a dangerous, scandalous new life begins between the police officer and the general!

AuthorAco Momota uroco
Review 5(3 Review)
"I was planning for us to stay just friends... but I'm not holding back anymore." I'm living with my childhood friend turned savage! My heart won't stop throbbing as each day passes and he just won't give up...!! After entering high school, Hiyori is finally able to fulfill her dream of living alone. Or so she thought... Her childhood friend Soushi is there waiting for her at her new apartment. He suddenly kisses her and Hiyori is unable to hide her confusion. Is he teasing her? Or is this for real...? For the first time, she begins to see Soushi, who she'd never paid too much attention to before, as a man. At the age of 15, Hiyori begins her radical, new life living with Soushi!

I have a problem I can't tell anyone about...... Ever since I learned to masturbate anally, I can't cum any other way...... Then, one day, as I'm in the middle of masturbating, a guy I know who secretly has a crush on me comes by my apartment......!

Mamiya is one of the most easily swayed men on the planet. One minute he's enthralled by something, the next he couldn't care less about it. One day, his interest is piqued by Miyamori, whom he now wants to be more than just his friend...

AuthorKii Yugine
As he desperately tries to finish his art assignment before the impending deadline, Yuta finds himself alone on campus with his childhood friend, Kohei. As the night goes on, Kohei finds his own special way to comfort a well and truly frazzled Yuta...

Through hard work, I thought I had finally attained my dream job as a flight attendent... however, the position was something different altogether. It turns out, my job is to service the pilots' sexual desires in-flight. Yep, I spend my days behind the closed door of the pilots' cabin, getting my plump buns "piloted". And all I really wanted was for the captain to fall in love with me! Don't miss the alluring image of all those handsome men panting mid-flight!


[ Total vol 7 ] Completed
Review 5(3 Review)
Super narcissist Sho Narumiya. Bottom-who-can't-cum Kei Nijimoto. The two wake up on white hospital beds. After trying to move their sore bodies, the first thing they lay eyes on is themselves...! There's Sho, who's freaked out about a stranger being in his body, and Kei, who appears too calm to notice any danger. While at each other's throats, Sho's hand suddenly touches Kei (his own body), and he receives a very seductive response... "I can fool around with my own body...!" The man who loves himself more than anything versus the man who hates himself more than anything!! Enjoy this unprecedented yet hilarious and exciting boys' love story!


[ Total vol 5 ] Completed
AuthorHachisu uroco
PublisherW Comics ZR
"I know how to fix this." Haruto makes an offer to Misaki, who gets a boner in the bath! Misaki's all embarrassed, so Haruto puts it in his mouth...! Misaki and Haruto, the aces on the track team. Two guys who are so close the other guys tease them about being gay together. But, while he tells them he's not gay, Misaki can't stop thinking about Haruto...... Haruto tells Misaki, who says he's not into guys, that he's thought of a way to prove Misaki isn't gay......

Authormonpetit uroco
Review 5(6 Review)
He touches my sensitive private parts, and somewhere deep inside me starts to get hot... I never had an erotic dream like this before... But, wait! It isn't a dream!?

AuthorRonoji Takada
Review 5(3 Review)
Chief Tonoyama is a popular, hard-working, capable man... but he has a secret: He wears women's bras! One day his subordinate Kiyota discovers his secret, and starts harassing him relentlessly. Kiyota enjoys playing with Tonoyama's pink nipples, and plays with other things as well.... Over time, though, Tonoyama starts to enjoy it, too.... What will happen with this risky love between a pervert boss and devilish subordinate?!

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