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( Current vol 5 )
Review 3(1 Review)
The birth rate is falling sharply in 21st Century Japan. To combat the decreasing numbers, there's only one option left: get men pregnant. Yuki and Ryu are chosen to test a new drug that makes conceiving possible for men and are randomly paired up for the experiment. Yuki has to have sex with Ryu every day, even though he doesn't like him. However, the experiment has a condition: you can't leave the experiment until you give birth to a child. Reluctantly doing their best to get pregnant, Yuki and Ryu slowly start growing closer,but their time's running out! Then there's a new and embarrassing experiment with a loving couple, Ren and Rui, that gets them in the middle of even more embarrassing action! All this in gorgeous full-color!

AuthorRyo Sazanami
"Warm me up some more." Pounced on in a small car one night, unable to resist... A hot tongue and fingers slide all over her, making her wet......!! As the appointed driver for her elite coworker, she rushes to see a client with him one day. An accident forces them to spend the night together in the car and he gives her loving kisses and caresses instead of the usual teasing. She thinks it was just a one-off fling, but the two end up being paired up at work! The closer they get, the more his kindness throws her off. When she calls his actions out at their client's hotel, he pins her to the bed and...



( Current vol 8 )
Review 4(4 Review)
The beautiful girl who brought me to the peak of pleasure... isn't a girl at all! "I just couldn't help myself," he says in a deep voice, licking my most sensitive area. Shizuka goes to a drinking party, but she can't adjust to the mood. Just then, a stunning woman named Ryou approaches her. They ditch the party to have a drink together and quickly hit it off. Shizuka ends up going to Ryou's place afterward, where Ryou suddenly forces her into a kiss. "She's a lesbian!?" Shizuka thinks so at first, but Ryou's body feels unusually hard below the waist. Could Ryou actually be... a man...!? Shizuka's mind goes blank as Ryou's fingers thrust into her deepest area...!

AuthorAn Nirasaki
PublisherLove Chocolat
Review 5(1 Review)
My extremely serious older boss has turned into a super sexy beast!? I'm tied to the bed and he stirs me inside as I obscenely overflow with naughty juices... On her way home after drinks with colleagues, office worker Momoko Misono realizes she forgot her phone, and heads back to the bar... There, she finds a man collapsed next to the dumpster. She tries to check on him, and it turns out to be her boss, Mr. Sakaguchi!! The ever-serious Mr. Sakaguchi, who's kind of hard to approach... "Have you forgotten what your boss looks like?" he asks, but... she's never seen him like this before! He half-drags her to a hotel, and the fact that he's so different from his usual self draws her in... She just can't say no! Actually, she wants more! Her older boss is toying with Momoko using his special techniques...!!

AuthorNoko Obana
PublisherLove Sweets
Review 5(1 Review)
Miyako Oborotani is a college student who eats breakfast alone, as her parents are busy with work and never come home. She's not getting along with her neighbor, childhood friend, and almost-lover, Ryo, after he started attending the local university. In order to escape lonliness, Miyako starts working at the nearby convenience store. Her manager, Takashi Kurojima, is always kind to Miyako, and he confesses his love to her on the way home! Ryo witnesses this, and the atmosphere turns sour... "I can't choose who I love more!!"

AuthorChiharu Sakado
The time is the Edo Period. Amid the financial disarray of the Shogunate government, the money-eating male harem has been exasperating the situation and causing a dilemma for one particular Shogun... Yaichi is a guard of the interior gardens who is always nearby, watching over that Shogun. Yaichi has been harboring secret affections for his Shogun, but their difference in social standing is palpable! He has been unable to express his feelings... One day, on a typical trip to stand guard throughout the night over the Shogun and his harem gentleman, where all he can do is watch their actions like a hawk from behind a cut-out hole in the sliding door, Yaichi suddenly finds himself unable to curb his enthusiasm and ends up pleasuring himself while on guard duty...!! This is a heartrending and grand tale of their love across social borders!

AuthorTento Nanahoshi uroco
"Sorry... I might not be able to hold back." Licked in a place never touched by anyone before, her nectar starts overflowing. Even though she knows this isn't right, why can't she resist!? Satsuki and her coworker, Rihito, go to the countryside on a business trip. He's really popular among the women in their office, but he gets along well with everybody. Satsuki dislikes that about him, but that day, they miss their plane home because of her! No matter where they look, they're the middle of nowhere with no one in sight and no cars on the horizon. But, in front of the two stranded colleagues stands a love hotel...!

AuthorYui Tojo
PublisherLove Sweets
Review 5(1 Review)
The year is 20XX. Japan has entered an unprecedented age of declining birth rates, and the government's countermeasures have all failed... As a last resort, a new experimental law will be introduced, implementing a "free sex day," which some fear will turn men into uncontrollable animals. Ayuri, a student at an all-girls university, and her handsome boyfriend Satoshi were a couple that remained true to their pure love, but will they be dragged into this madness and have their relationship torn apart!?

AuthorHachimitsu Hanamoto
Review 5(2 Review)
College student Chisa's been suffering from hot flashes, watery eyes and getting seriously turned on whenever she gets touched. Desperate, she heads to a hospital where she meets three gorgeous doctors, and asks them for treatment. But, to her surprise, she's told she needs to have sex to suppress the symptoms! As part of a "medical checkup", she gets her hot, wet private parts touched by each of the doctors, pleasuring her overly sensitive body to the point of losing her mind...

Go on and laugh. Despite my height, attitude, and looks, I'm a princess! Turns out I'm going to be playing Cinderella in our school play, but it's all Yano's fault. With his princess-like face, Yano is the one that requests I be Cinderella. With a dazzling smile, he says, "I want to be your prince..." I guess I have no choice... Wait, was he coming on to me!? After the play finishes, we end up alone in a classroom and things quickly start to turn steamy... The stage is set for a boy-on-boy Cinderella story!

AuthorAwo Toobaru
PublisherLove Sweets
Emi Sugimori gets jokingly sexually harassed by her senior, Shinsuke Matsumoto, who's the star of their college's theater club and her secret crush. She writes scripts for their plays, and they're very well-received. That's because she writes the lines she'd want him to say to her as his characters. By chance, he finds out, and she's got to play the female lead, too... Their secret acting classes are about to begin...!



( Current vol 2 )
AuthorYuki Yoshida
After her boyfriend dumps her for "being a bad lay," a devastated Arisa finds herself with a handsome mystery man, "E." Blindfolds, numerous sexual partners, in meeting rooms, and in elevators... She learns how to open up as he penetrates her body and soul while introducing her to a world she's never known before... This is a love story about an alluring "rental boyfriend" who heals the hearts of girls everywhere!

AuthorIchigo Satou
Review 5(6 Review)
This sweet, popular yaoi novel has finally been turned into a manga! "You were the one who tempted me." Caesar, the second-in-command with blond hair and blue eyes, has been cold to Louie, who works as a doctor at the front-line base, since they first met. Caesar's unreasonable hostility annoys Louie, but in an unexpected turn of events, they start sharing a room. Louie knows of Caesar's resentment towards him, but his strong body turns him on while they lie next to each other. He opens his shirt a little to push his body against Caesar's...... An eternal romance begins in a locked space. Sweet fantasy yaoi between a blue-eyed knight with blond hair and a military base doctor!

AuthorYuka Hijiri
PublisherLove Chocolat
Review 5(5 Review)
"I still don't believe it...... Kazuma, who's always been so nice to me, is now keeping me in confinement...!!" Ayano spends her days exhaustingly busy at work and she eventually collapses on the street. She is then saved by Kazuma, a comforting flower shop employee who Ayano considers to be the only good thing going on in her life. As he nurses her back to health, Ayano learns they both feel the same way about each other... And she then shares a passionate night of sex with the gentle Kazuma. After they finish, Ayano leaves a note and plans to be on her way, but the moment she tries to open the front door... Kazuma says to her "I won't let you go. You're mine now." ......!?

AuthorYuzuru Mikumo
Review 5(1 Review)
"Help me get an erection! I'll pay you as much as you want." Locked inside a mansion in a desert country, Akira has to put up with Salim's kinky sexual activities day after day. Salim puts a weird device on Akira's you-know-what, forces him to ejaculate while riding an elephant, sets an octopus on him...... But he never tries to have sex with him, because he can't get an erection... Days of pleasure trap this Japanese businessman, who only came to the desert country for work...!

AuthorBetti Taora
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 5(10 Review)
Yuko, a contract employee stumbles upon her boss's secret through pure coincidence. Now she's stuck being the secretary of her company president! He can be gentle than any women, but sometimes a complete animal too...... Finding it hard to adjust to her boss's "secret" at first, Yuko finds herself gradually getting attracted to her mysterious boss......

One day, Tomoya Harada, a regular businessman, bumps into a box left on the street on his way home from work. To his surprise, when he opens it, he finds a pretty young man, Hiro Myohaku, inside......! Although he's confused by this unexpected situation, Tomoya bows to Hiro's desperate pleas and takes him in as a pet. However, from that day forward, Hiro's sweet and submissive service brings Tomoya's desire to the brink!! Be sure not to miss the sensual sexcapades of a master and his pet as the two of them go at it in bed and get covered in love juice!



[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
AuthorNobita Akiharu
"Masa's not here... Should we be doing this...?" Akane is a bespectacled, mobile game-obsessed boy who is best friends with beautiful ex-child star twins Riichi and Masato. The three of them are bound by a deep, dark secret and a pact to help a "friend in need" - both in and out of the bedroom. But when Riichi fails to enter the same high school as his brother and Akane, their relationship begins to change. Can Riichi, who's had feelings for Akane from the start, win against his brother and cross the finish line with the object of his affections...!?

AuthorChiyoko Nonomiya
Review 5(3 Review)
Plain-looking, short Ayumu's two best friends since childhood, Hayato and Ryuji, are good-looking guys who are perfect in looks and in character, but recently Ayumu feels there's something strange about their relationship. He asks Nishina, a girl they've been friends with since junior high, and she tells him there's a rumor that Ryuji and Hayato are a couple. Ayumu can't hide his shock, but... "Those two are together... That makes sense..." What will become of this cute little ugly boy's bittersweet love...!? Good-looking guys will regret not reading this! Don't miss this super transformation comic!

Authormonpetit uroco
Review 5(6 Review)
He touches my sensitive private parts, and somewhere deep inside me starts to get hot... I never had an erotic dream like this before... But, wait! It isn't a dream!?

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