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( Current vol 9 )
Review 4(5 Review)
The beautiful girl who brought me to the peak of pleasure... isn't a girl at all! "I just couldn't help myself," he says in a deep voice, licking my most sensitive area. Shizuka goes to a drinking party, but she can't adjust to the mood. Just then, a stunning woman named Ryou approaches her. They ditch the party to have a drink together and quickly hit it off. Shizuka ends up going to Ryou's place afterward, where Ryou suddenly forces her into a kiss. "She's a lesbian!?" Shizuka thinks so at first, but Ryou's body feels unusually hard below the waist. Could Ryou actually be... a man...!? Shizuka's mind goes blank as Ryou's fingers thrust into her deepest area...!

AuthorRika Hanaoka uroco
"Forget my brother, and become my wife." He kisses like an animal. Her heart says no, but her body says... After getting engaged to her boyfriend Mel, Aika hops on a plane to visit his home country, only to find out he's a prince, and heir to the throne, at that. What's more, she discovers that she'll be his third wife. Unable to hide her shock, Aika finds herself intruded upon by Mel's younger brother Ral in the dead of night. With the forcefulness of a beast, his fingers slip past her undergarments, fondling what's beneath... And what comes next drives our heroine to utter ecstasy...

AuthorSanae Rokuya
"I can't get it up...? What's wrong with my body...!!?" On the day after his birthday, naughty high-schooler Yuki finds out an astonishing truth: he's not actually related to his older twin brothers, Rai and Mei. Has the shock of this discovery made Yuki impotent!? Yuki's feeling down and is worried about his erectile dysfunction, but the silly, macho Rai and smart, caring Mei offer to fix his problem by bathing with him. The three of them in the bath together reminds Yuki of when they were kids, but suddenly, Rai's hand reaches for Yuki's crotch! What's worse is, Yuki, who couldn't get an erection from looking at girls, gets rock-hard from his brothers' foreplay!

AuthorMAKI Rin
I was deceived by my partner into entering "sex-skating," a competition where skaters have sex while performing! Everyone's going to see me cum!!! ...Thinking back on it, it seemed like a strange competition from the start. The other girls lying in a heap in the corridor, still twitching. The strange outfit I wore which had a zipper in the crotch. The lewd gaze of the crowd... I was given no choice but to enter this competition. Groped and turned into a dripping wet exhibition, I end up losing my virginity in a dynamic sexual display to charm the crowd...!!

AuthorNene Jounouchi
PublisherLove Chocolat
"Relax...... and let me make you feel good..." I'm in a mixed hot spring bath with my younger boss!? Unazuki works for a hot spring information website, but they decided to shut down her "Hidden Hot Spring Resort Tour" section next month! Wishing to show the world less-known but great hot springs, she tells her younger boss Touji Arashiyama that she can't accept it. He tells her to leave it to him and they go together to a hot spring resort located deep in the mountains...... Unazuki takes a bath in front of her boss who's holding a camera, but as she feels uncomfortable trying to look relaxed, Touji suddenly gets in the bath with her. Then he pulls her body against his......!! "Oh, no... He's running his finger... over my body... and slipping it into me...!"

Review 5(2 Review)
"Mm... Ohh...!" Yuri wakes up to find a super hunk groping her body... Eek! And then he grins and says nonchalantly, "Females like to make babies, don't they?" Yuri's so shy that just meeting a man's gaze makes her tremble. The only things that comfort her are her manga and Leo, a lion at her family zoo. But, has he really turned into a human being!? This king of the jungle is convinced that the best way to please a female is to make babies, and he's on the prowl 24/7. A story of love and sex that never stops sizzling with the brute force of a hot, loyal beast.



( Current vol 17 )
AuthorSui Souda
Review 5(2 Review)
He said he'd stop one second before we kiss... So why are we really kissing right now!? My first kiss is on stage performing a play......! We've been friends since we were kids, and Izuru's always bossing me around. I have to write the script for our school festival play, which is a relief because at least I can steer clear of Izuru, who's playing the leading role of the prince...... But on performance day, the princess gets sick, and I have to take her place! I'm dreading the final kissing scene. We're just supposed to pretend, but now... our lips are... touching...! I know it's Izuru... but he looks like a handsome prince, and... he's actually kinda hot......

PublisherLove Sweets
Aya, a high school student, is no good at English, but is in love with her English teacher, Mr. Sudou. She's a trouble student who is better than anyone at fantasizing about him! Noticing her failing grades, Mr. Sudou holds private lessons with her, where she fantasizes about lewd encounters. But reality isn't so sweet... At this rate, Mr. Sudou might grow to hate her!

AuthorChiyoko Nonomiya
Review 5(3 Review)
Plain-looking, short Ayumu's two best friends since childhood, Hayato and Ryuji, are good-looking guys who are perfect in looks and in character, but recently Ayumu feels there's something strange about their relationship. He asks Nishina, a girl they've been friends with since junior high, and she tells him there's a rumor that Ryuji and Hayato are a couple. Ayumu can't hide his shock, but... "Those two are together... That makes sense..." What will become of this cute little ugly boy's bittersweet love...!? Good-looking guys will regret not reading this! Don't miss this super transformation comic!

AuthorMAKI Rin
On a cleaning scaffold way up above the ground, she has to clean the windows with her breasts! She's about to be trapped in a totally perverted job!! Despite a fear of heights, a beautiful young girl is assigned to wash windows on a skyscraper. Her old-hand partner offers advice about overcoming fear with shame, which leads to her cleaning the windows with her breasts! He watches as her nipples grow hard, and then with no regard to the people working inside, the old man starts using the heroine's body for "sexual window cleaning"...

AuthorTonari Toyama
Review 5(2 Review)
"My sex partners... are my quilt and coffee table!? Spirits that have inhabited objects take physical form!! Played with gently by my loving quilt, ravaged passionately by my favorite coffee table..." ...Yukiko has too much to drink one night after work. Her coworker takes her home and turns into a wolf! Just then, someone appears to save her... It's a mysterious man dressed in a kimono! Unbelievably, it seems he's the spirit of her quilt. Yukiko's taken aback at first, but he knows all of her erogenous zones, and...! Melting deep inside, he makes her cum again and again with his gentle, loving touch... ...Next up... is her coffee table!? Another spirit appears, this one jealous. With his passionate kiss, Yukiko's body runs hot from her head to her toes...

AuthorIchigo Satou
Review 4(8 Review)
This sweet, popular yaoi novel has finally been turned into a manga! "You were the one who tempted me." Caesar, the second-in-command with blond hair and blue eyes, has been cold to Louie, who works as a doctor at the front-line base, since they first met. Caesar's unreasonable hostility annoys Louie, but in an unexpected turn of events, they start sharing a room. Louie knows of Caesar's resentment towards him, but his strong body turns him on while they lie next to each other. He opens his shirt a little to push his body against Caesar's...... An eternal romance begins in a locked space. Sweet fantasy yaoi between a blue-eyed knight with blond hair and a military base doctor!

Review 4(6 Review)
Get pregnant with my brat! "ahhh! Mmph... D-Don't... Don't put your tongue in there... Aaaaaaah!!" Made homeless and without kith or kin, Kaoru is helpless as a man in a suit toys with his body. His first kiss, his sensitive nipples and anus... His first time was taken away from him...! Not only that, but the same man lures him to a deserted island and imprisons him. What awaits him there is an endless stream of sexual encounters in an experiment with the aim of impregnating him! It's a never-ending circle of casual sex in captivity. A series of complicated infatuations blossom while engaging in hot steamy rendezvous with different men. What will Kaoru's fate be...?

AuthorAo Izumi
"If you're turned on by this, you must be a pervert, too." The one being blackmailed... is me!? Miyahara works in sales at a lingerie company. Every day, he's bullied by his perfect and flawless boss, Sakon. Miyahara wants to get back at his boss! There must be something he can use against him! He tries to find something on Sakon and ends up in the office's bathroom with him in the middle of the night. This could be the perfect chance. He takes a peek... but Sakon's dick is enormous! The man really has no flaws! Just when he's losing hope, he sees frills! He tears off Sakon's clothes to find him fashionably wearing women's lingerie... Miyahara believes he's finally found the thing to use against his boss! However, not only is Sakon not hiding his fetish, he's even showing it off more...!

AuthorAco Momota uroco
Review 5(4 Review)
"I was planning for us to stay just friends... but I'm not holding back anymore." I'm living with my childhood friend turned savage! My heart won't stop throbbing as each day passes and he just won't give up...!! After entering high school, Hiyori is finally able to fulfill her dream of living alone. Or so she thought... Her childhood friend Soushi is there waiting for her at her new apartment. He suddenly kisses her and Hiyori is unable to hide her confusion. Is he teasing her? Or is this for real...? For the first time, she begins to see Soushi, who she'd never paid too much attention to before, as a man. At the age of 15, Hiyori begins her radical, new life living with Soushi!



[ Total vol 3 ] Completed
AuthorTakumi Izaki
The love of Miyabi's life, Hayato, moved back to town three years ago. Due to trouble over a woman, his work has been drying up, and he's found himself on hard times. Miyabi is concerned for Hayato's well-being, and she's still ridden with guilt over her part in a scar he carries on his face. When Hayato makes an advance, she submits, hoping it will ease his pain just a little. But, is this really love...?

AuthorYua Utsugi uroco
Review 5(2 Review)
"That's just the kind of hotel this is, you know?" My teacher has got me pinned down in the S&M room at a love hotel...! What should I do? I can't run away...!! My name is Kana; I'm a high school girl by day and a love hotel owner by night. Of course, it's a secret to everybody at school. My grades have dropped due to the stress from my busy life, but I'm kind of happy that it gives me an excuse to receive extra lessons from Mr. Saitou, the teacher I admire. One day, however, a guest at my hotel catches my eye... What!? It's Mr. Saitou!? And the room he chooses to stay in is the hotel's most popular room, the S&M room!! Really!? That kind and gentle teacher...!? Flustered and shocked, I'm forced to go into his room! What will become of me...!?

"A 'virgin princess' is a guy who has such high standards for women that he ends up wasting his adult years as a virgin." Michiru has good looks, a good family, and an impressive track record at work... which is why he's been looking for a "princess" worthy of his virginity. Unfortunately, his standards are incredibly high! When he dumps his latest date for unchastely suggesting they end the night at a hotel, Michiru's office rival Ohji just happens to witness it all. Inexplicably taking it upon himself to provide a crash course to understanding women, Ohji invites Michiru out for an evening together...

AuthorShion Shirayuki
PublisherLove Chocolat
Mitsu Mamiya is a 27-year-old office worker. She's a geek who spends all her free time online. Some might even say she's a total loser. However, in "Greed Story," an online game she loves more than eating or sleeping, Mitsu's avatar "Princess Knight Hunny" is a bit of a celebrity! There's a fan meetup for the game and she somehow gets up the courage to attend. But there, she meets a group of hot guys who seem totally out of place... "These guys adore me and call me their 'master'! N-noooo!! I'm afraid of handsome guys!" Mitsu suddenly faints and awakens hours later, completely naked! What's more, her savior wants to "train" her to cure her hot-guy phobia! "My first touch from a guy is sending shivers of pleasure through my body...!! I never knew I could feel like this...!!" In real life, there's no way to add money to your account or use rare items. Mitsu's super hard quest is about to begin!

AuthorRakugan uroco
Review 5(5 Review)
"He forced me to kiss him and here I am, a gangster's mistress!! He makes love to me, his practiced hands stroking all my sensitive spots... I can never tell anyone about our relationship...!" During a stakeout, police officer Yui meets a man with a dangerous air about him. After he suddenly kisses her with melting hot passion, she finds herself being whisked away... to his mafia headquarters! The man turns out to be the young head of a yakuza mafia family under investigation. He becomes more and more interested in Yui as she clams up during his amorous bedroom interrogations, declaring, "I'll make you my mistress," as their dangerous cohabitation gets underway!

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