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Protection of Personal Information and Security Measures

PAPYLESS Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of our customers, has organized its management structure according to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and is handling personal information and information systems in a secure manner.

1. Scope of personal information
In accordance with our privacy policy, we provide proper protection for information that can identify or has the possibility of identifying a specific individual, as well as accessible information, sales records and communication records relating to personal information.

2. Collection of personal information
Members are required to enter personal information to use our services, such as during member registration. We may also conduct surveys for marketing purposes and improving the quality and convenience of the services, and collect information to the extent that is necessary after providing notification or announcing on our website the purpose of use.

3. Security
We take great care to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification or divulgation of personal information.
When information that has the possibility of identifying a specific individual is entered or submitted, the information is encrypted with SSL technology, and the personal information we collect is properly managed so that it is inaccessible by outside parties.

4. Disclosure to third parties
Unless we have the consent of the customer or unless it is permitted by law, we will not provide or disclose personal data to third parties excluding our consigned partners.
We require by contract that our consigned partners must not divulge or reoffer the personal information of our customers and must properly manage the personal information.

[[External consignment of credit card settlement service]]
We consign our credit card settlement service to SBI VeriTrans Co., Ltd.
Details regarding the personal information provided to our consigner partner:
The following personal information required for credit card settlement
The customer's full name, e-mail address, monetary amount, credit card number and credit card expiration date
The purpose of use of the personal information:
The personal information is used to perform the services required for settlement, and we strictly prohibit the use for any other purposes.
Disclosing personal information to the settlement service provider:
Upon request of the settlement service provider, we may disclose or provide the following personal information through our consigned partner, within the extent necessary to perform the services required for settlement.
[The customer's full name, e-mail address and the details of the ordered product]

5. Handling of statistical information
We may use the personal information collected as statistical information, in such a manner that specific individuals cannot be identified.

6. E-mail service
We may send e-mails to the customer's e-mail address to provide information such as notices regarding products and services, or to reply to customer inquiries.

7. Cookies
We may use cookies in this website to identify our customers' computers.
The cookies used in this website do not retain data related to personal information. We provide pertinent protection for data that combine information collected with cookies and personal information, in accordance with our personal information protection policy.
Customers can disable cookies on their computers, but they may not be able to use all or parts of the services provided in this website.

We use cookies on this site for the following purposes:
- For providing a customized service for each individual when logged in by referencing the information registered.
- For serving the most relevant advertising banners to you on other sites based on your preferences and how you use our site.
- For tracking the number of users and traffic to our site.
- For improving our service.
Furthermore, there are times when cookies belonging to our site are saved through third party sites that are consigned to serve our advertising banners.

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