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Posted: March 22nd

Genre: Spicy

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Did anyone have parents who watched those daytime hospital soap operas while growing up? Y'know, the ones with dark family secrets and stuff that go on and on forever. Well this manga is like that, except it doesn't go on forever and has a proper ending. Mitsumi's mom gets sick and has to stay in the hospital, so to help pay the bills, her mom's doctor offers to hire Mitsumi as a maid for his super fancy mansion. There, she meets his super hot playboy son who also happens to be a doctor. I didn't think I was into doctors, but the white coat look is much hotter than expected. I think I developed a thing for doctors after reading this manga... The dark family plot doesn't really develop until later, so keep reading on if you want to find out what happens!


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I've been showing my best friend (who's Japanese) some American movies that she's never seen before. Lately we've been watching that one series about wars amongst the stars with space wizards and laser swords. We watched the one where bad guys strike back and it was funny to see her reaction to the plot twist at the end. We were watching the second of the prequels yesterday and she fell asleep halfway through... That one's my least favorite of them all anyway, so it's cool.

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