Contracted Lover

author :

Kurumi Sumomo


"I'll buy your 10 days, little rabbit." College student Misaki is working at her part-time job, wearing ill-fitting shoes. She loses her balance and bumps right into Togo Sakuma, a popular shoe designer. To add to the embarrassment, Misaki ends up soiling Togo's suit. She apologizes and offers to compensate the damage, but he says he'll let her off on the condition she agrees to be his for 10 days. They've only just met, but they're alone together in his room. Misaki's aware that she's been hired to compensate him for the damage, but how is she supposed to react when he calls her "my rabbit" and puts his arms around her......? They can only be together for 10 days. Deciding she doesn't want to say goodbye, Misaki decides to give herself to Togo......


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author :

Kurumi Sumomo

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Japanese :

Keiyaku Aijin

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Contracted Lover

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Pages: 166

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October 19, 2016 (JST)
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