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Regarding "A Naughty Lunch Meeting -Let's Get Down to Business, Boss!- (4)"

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Back to School

Love, heartbreak, a night at a love hotel with your teacher...? See what's happening this semester with our Shojo Back to School Special!

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My Raw Love Life with a Male Demon

"You don't know...? This is how humans confirm their love for each other."

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The Beauty is a Beast!? -An Uptown Guy and a Downtroden Girl-

Marie meets Shinomiya and they don't get off to the greatest of starts. Nevertheless, he really resembles Shinobu and because of that, things take an unexpected turn.

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Do You Want to Be Spoiled? -Bound by My Hoodlum Boyfriend-

Hana Ooyagi, 25, is in the middle of a quarter-life crisis. Her company's gone bankrupt and, to top it off, she's been evicted from her apartment. As she drags her luggage out of her apartment and crosses the street, she sees a car coming and steps in front of it! Out of fear of dramaging the expensive-looking car, however, she jumps out of the way and blacks out. When Hana comes to, she finds herself in a fluffy bed and with a hot, somewhat intimidating man standing at the end of the bed. The man asks Hana what she wants. Hana blurts out, "to marry you!" but later retracts the statement, saying she would like to marry a man LIKE him. The man has his way with her to test out their compatibility. Pleased with how Hana performs, he rushes her to get dressed and whisks her off to a fancy house and introduces Hana as his fiancee to his parents! Hana gets the feeling she'll be marrying into the underbelly of the world, and her suspicions are confirmed when Ryogo Shirakawa's (the man's name, as she then learns) cousin, Yosuke Kamiya comes to her rescue. Will Hana go through with her marriage to Ryogo?

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