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"Bringing manga to the world."

Renta! is an official digital manga store.
We translate and release manga worldwide!
Read the perfect manga to give you butterflies and get your heart thumping!

-Reason #1 to use Renta!-

Our 48-hour rentals

Our biggest feature is our 48-hour rentals. You can rent and enjoy manga for cheaper than if you buy them. If you like what you read after you rent it, you can also initially choose to rent for 48 hours, and Upgrade to Unlimited during the rental period if you decide you want to keep the title.

48-hour rentals

-Reason #2 to use Renta!-

Our passion for natural translations

We are extremely meticulous about the quality of our translations. We check and edit each manga several times so that nothing gets lost in translation.


-Reason #3 to use Renta!-

All our manga are officially licensed and we support the authors

All manga on our site are officially licensed. We give the money you spend on manga back to the authors. We strive to support the creators and diffuse a better manga culture.

-Reason #4 to use Renta!-

Download our app

We hold events where you can receive presents such as gift codes only on the Android app! Get notifications about the latest releases of your favorite manga!

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We offer many other special services.

  • Premium Membership

    Premium Membership

    Premium Members earn double the bonus points of regular members!

  • giftcode

    Gift Codes

    We give gift codes that you can exchange for points during promotions and other events!

  • mission

    Renta! Missions

    Earn points by clearing missions!

  • point

    Premium Wednesday

    Points are cheaper on Wednesdays! Get 1000 points for 10% off at $9!

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  • Mar,

    The precursor to Papyless, "FUJI ONLINE SYSTEMS CO.,LTD.", was established.

  • Dec,

    The Papyless E-Bookstore website went live.

  • Oct,

    The Company name was changed to "PAPYLESS CO., LTD."

  • Sept,

    The English-language version of the Renta! website went live.

  • Feb,

    Papyless' total cumulative e-book sales reached 100 million units.

  • May,

    "PAPYLESS GLOBAL, INC." was established as a subsidiary of Papyless, and the
    ownership of the English language site was transferred to Papyless Global.

Company Profile


  • Company Name:


  • Address:

    900 Concar Drive (Suite 400), San Mateo, CA94402, United States

  • Founded:


  • Capital:


  • Managing Director:

    Yasuko Matsui

  • Business Outline:

    Bringing manga to the world.


Parent Corporation

  • Company Name:


  • Address:

    Kioicho Building 3F & 4F, 3-12 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

  • Founded:


  • Capital:

    414,460,000 JPY(Approx. $3,445,500) 02/09/2015

  • Managing Director:

    Yasuko Matsui

  • Business Outline:

    Nature of Business: e-book rental and sales


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