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Company Profile


  • Company Name: PAPYLESS GLOBAL, INC.
  • Address: 717 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, United States
  • Founded: 05/01/2017
  • Capital: $2,000,000
  • Managing Director: Yasuko Matsui
  • Business Outline: Selling e-books to the English speaking world.

Parent Corporation

  • Company Name: PAPYLESS CO., LTD.
  • Address: Kioicho Building 3rd & 4th Floor, 3-12 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0094 Japan
  • Founded: 03/31/1995
  • Capital: 414,460,000 JPY(Approx. $3,445,500) 02/09/2015
  • Managing Director: Yasuko Matsui
  • Business Outline:Nature of Business: e-book rental and sales

Business Outline

The E-book Store "Renta!"

We want everyone to be able to read our titles easily, so provide novels and comics from as little as $1, and ensure that our website works on all devices.

About Renta!

  • Read all content online instantly, without the need to install any programs.
  • All content can be previewed.
  • Prices start from $1.
  • We translate manga, so we have a lot of exclusive content.
  • Users can choose to rent titles for 48 hours or an unlimited period.
  • Users have the choice to pay for things directly by card, or to first buy "points", which they can then use to read e-books.
  • We handle translation, lettering, proofreading and E-pub distribution in-house.
  • We sell e-book content via PCs, smartphones, and tablets, based on commission.
  • We only accept content from legally-recognized publishers or agencies.
  • We currently do not accept self-published works.


  • 03/1995: The precursor to Papyless, "FUJI ONLINE SYSTEMS CO.,LTD.", was established.
  • 12/1996: The Papyless E-Bookstore website went live.
  • 10/2000: The Company name was changed to "PAPYLESS CO., LTD."
  • 04/2007: The Japanese e-comic rental website Renta! went live.
  • 09/2011: The English-language version of the Renta! website went live.
  • 10/2011: Papyless E-Bookstore was made available on smartphone and tablet devices.
  • 10/2012: Papyless began providing content to the Kindle Store.
  • 07/2013: The Chinese-language version of the Renta! website went live.
  • 02/2014: Papyless' total cumulative e-book sales reached 100 million units.
  • 09/2014: "PAPYLESS TAIWAN CO., LTD." was established as a subsidiary of Papyless.
  • 05/2017: "PAPYLESS GLOBAL, INC." was established as a subsidiary of Papyless, and the ownership of the English language site was transferred to Papyless Global.


717 Market Street,
San Francisco, CA, United States

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