[Bundle] Secretly Pregnant...Conveniently Wed

Collects: Naive Bride, Defiant Wife, Flora's Defiance, and JESS'S PROMISE
When her marriage to Alejandro, Spanish heir to the vast Vasquez family estate, fell apart due to a misunderstanding, a pregnant Jemima escaped to the English countryside. Two years later, she's raising her child, Alfie, when Alejandro suddenly steps into their lives. He claims he can ignore her past indiscretions with his brother, but is Jemima ready to face the wrath of Do?a Hortencia, his cold-hearted mother, in order to give her son the family he deserves?


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[Bundle] Secretly Pregnant...Conveniently Wed

Pages: 389

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artist : Ayumu Aso original novel : Lynne Graham Publisher : Harlequin

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