[Bundle] Penny Jordan Best Selection Vol.1

Collect one of Harlequin's bestselling authors, Penny Jordan's "Best Selection Vol. 1"! This content contains "The Most Coveted Prize", "Possessed by the Sheikh", "The Tycoon's Virgin"
Alena, the 19-year-old scion of a well-respected, old Russian family, falls in love at first sight with Kiryl, a man she met in the lobby of a high-class hotel. He cuts a devilishly stylish figure, so she has no idea that this man who wears an air of danger around him like cologne has painfully risen up from the slums to become a billionaire. With his sweet words and the simple press of his lips to the back of her hand, Alena readily offers up her body and her heart to him. She could have no idea, at the height of her happiness, that the dazzling pleasures he offers her are, for him, a means to revenge!


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[Bundle] Penny Jordan Best Selection Vol.1

Pages: 414
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artist : Yoko IwasakiYoko HanabusaMakiko Tamai original novel : Penny Jordan Publisher : Harlequin

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