An Innocent but Abusive Love -My "Special Friend" and I on Display-

author :

Afro Otonari


"Do it in front of me," he says. After losing the love of my life, I find myself being forced into helping my fuck buddy pay off his debt... by doing the deed in front of a man who looks just like the boyfriend I once loved! He's going to see my private bits! And in such close proximity! "Don't lick me there...!" His intense gaze makes my body more sensitive! Shu is the only man I ever loved, but why is being forced to have sex in front of this man making me so wet? My partner's member grows hard in response to my dishevelled appearance and thrusts deep inside me, releasing a fountain of juices from within...


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author :

Afro Otonari

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Junai Ryoujoku Sefure Tono Maguwai wo Mirarete

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An Innocent but Abusive Love -My "Special Friend" and I on Display-

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April 29, 2019 (JST)
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