Collect Mistress Heroines in Harlequin comics. Vol.1 collects: "The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress", "The Brazilian's Blackmail Bargain".
Billionaire Chrysander Anetakis is known to the world as a rich Greek hotel magnate, but Marley Jameson knows him differently. They made passionate love whenever business took him to New York, but Marley's hopes for future happiness are dashed when he tells her, "This isn't a relationship. You're just my mistress," and kicks her out of his penthouse. Still reeling in shock, she fails to notice the kidnappers trailing her on that shadowy New York street. Chrysander thinks she has left him for good, until she is discovered three months later, suffering from amnesia, and pregnant to boot!



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Maya BanksAbby Green

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[Bundle] Mistress Heroine Selection vol.1

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Pages: 256

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