[Bundle] The Last Rogue

This bundle contains: "The Last Rogue 1" , and "The Last Rogue 2"
Raleigh, a notorious playboy of London society, wakes up after drunkenly visiting a country vicarage to find Jane, the vicar's daughter, sleeping next to him. Without any memory of what happened, he marries her to uphold appearances. A vicar's daughter and a rogue viscount...the two are so different, they just can't get along. Eventually, the two head to an estate left to Raleigh by his late great-uncle. But the estate turns out to be a seemingly haunted mansion, like one might find in a Gothic novel...


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[Bundle] The Last Rogue

Pages: 256
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artist : Yukako Midori original novel : Deborah Simmons Publisher : Harlequin

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