Virgin X Maid Fetish -Threaten Me, Please Me-

If I don't beg and call him "Master," Yamamoto won't touch my nipples or pussy. But, I'm dripping wet down there and want him to put his dick in me right now....! Chika is known by her friends as the "sex master," but she's actually a virgin who's been faking her sexual expertise to her friends by using information she got online. Since she doesn't want to keep lying to her friends anymore, she decides to become a real sex master and searches for someone to sleep with her. That's when she sets her sights on Yamamoto, a popular guy in her class, but he has a secret fetish......! This is an erotic heart-throbbing story written by Michiko Murakami about a girl who can't be honest with herself!! This manga also includes "Luscious Lingerie: Tight Thongs and Love Juice," which is a story about a girl who wears see-through lingerie and dives into bed to tempt her boyfriend!!

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Virgin X Maid Fetish -Threaten Me, Please Me-

"Don't lick me down there...!" Chika is a hot chick on the outside, but is actually still a virgin. When she tries to lose her virginity, she accidentally finds out a secret about Yamamoto, a popular guy in her class...[74pages]
Pages: 74
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author : Michiko Murakami publisher : SHUSUISHA ORIGINAL Virgin Maid Otaku Odoshite Nurashite

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