30 Days with a Frivolous Guy

author :

Kazusa Naruse


Ryotaro Sakurai is a 29-year-old office worker at an architecture firm. One day, he is asked to visit an architect's office, and who should await him there but a beautiful, mesmerizing young woman...... No, wait, young man!? When the up-and-coming young architect Hibiki Fujimoto takes a liking to him, Ryotaro finds himself reeling at the mercy of Hibiki's frivolous and freewheeling antics. Not to mention, when Hibiki makes advances toward him with that pretty face, he just... can't......!! This new work by Kazusa Naruse, who gained popularity with "How to Make Your Cross-Dressing Boss Cry Out.", features a heart-throbbing boys' love story between a gay, cross-dressing designer and a straight, no-nonsense office worker! Enjoy this story's break with convention by featuring a cross-dressing character on top!!


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author :

Kazusa Naruse

publisher :

ShuCream POP

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Japanese :

Fumajimena Kare to Ore no 30 Days

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30 Days with a Frivolous Guy (1)

Pages: 27

30 Days with a Frivolous Guy (2)

Pages: 33

30 Days with a Frivolous Guy (3)

Pages: 34

30 Days with a Frivolous Guy (4)

Pages: 33

30 Days with a Frivolous Guy (5)

Pages: 32

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December 24, 2017 (JST)
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