[Bundle] Love, and Revenge Selection Vol.3

Collect Love, and Revenge in Harlequin comics. Vol.3 contains "THE MANCINI MARRIAGE BARGAIN", "PLAYBOY'S RUTHLESS PAYBACK", "A PAST REVENGE".
"You protected me, even if it meant making an enemy of the world." Seventeen-year-old Helene finds herself facing a forced marriage to a Middle-Eastern Sheikh. Italian lawyer Paulo saved her from that fate, agreeing to marry her until the Sheikh found a new object of desire. Paulo's sexy voice with a lilting accent, his passionate and sincere personality... Helene fell for him at first sight. But she was unaware of her impact on Paulo's destiny. That is, until she learned that the Sheikh stole Paulo's lover and made her his wife...


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[Bundle] Love, and Revenge Selection Vol.3

Pages: 389
Rent (48hrs) : $10.00

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artist : Ayumu AsoHitomi TsukiseRyohko Misato original novel : Trish MoreyLaura WrightCarole Mortimer Publisher : Harlequin

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