Collects: Married to A Mistress, The Vengeful Husband, and Contract Baby
Supermodel Maxie is the beautiful mistress of an older man who suddenly falls ill. Seeing this as his chance, multimillionaire nephew Angelos arrives and demands that Maxie become his mistress next. After Maxie announces that she won't be intimate with anyone but her future husband, Angelos suggests that they have a contract marriage. The fact that she is his wife would be kept secret, but he would still enjoy the intimate benefits, an arrangement Maxie resents despite being attracted to him. However, there is a reason for Maxie to get married as soon as possible...



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artist :

Harumo Sanazaki

original novel :

Lynne Graham

Publisher :


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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

[Bundle] The Husband Hunters

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Pages: 384

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