[Bundle] Tavern Wench

This bundle contains: TAVERN WENCH 1, and TAVERN WENCH 2
Benedict is a handsome and intelligent man who solves the most difficult cases that stump even the police. Being the baron's second son, he's also of high lineage, and tired of being constantly reminded to marry. One day, someone comes and asks him to investigate the death of the doctor from a small village. He's said to have been killed during a robbery. Using it as an excuse to get away from noisy London, he accepts the request. But little does he know he is about to meet the woman that will convince him to get married- the beautiful cook, Emma!

(c)Kaoru Shinozaki/ANNE ASHLEY

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[Bundle] Tavern Wench

Pages: 257
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artist : Kaoru Shinozaki original novel : Anne Ashley Publisher : Harlequin

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