Job-Hunting Boys -Open Your Legs and Open Your Mind-

author :

Maya Koyuki


"...Ahh. ...Nice and wet... ...Now you'll get the job for sure..." "...Aah... Sosuke, no... Aaaaah!!" Unable to find a job, Kyo enrolls in a job-hunting seminar recommended by a friend. However, the unbelievably good-looking Tsunami group's CEO, Sosuke, is a ruthless teacher. Kyo just can't seem to stop getting in trouble. Just as he's about to lose all hope, the sweet vice president initiates some very erotic interview training...! Stripped down and toyed with at an interview, his breathing ragged while he endures a barrage of questions....... This heart-pounding, sexy seminar isn't to be missed!



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author :

Maya Koyuki

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Japanese :

Shuukatsu Danshi Kokan mo Open Seminar

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Job-Hunting Boys -Open Your Legs and Open Your Mind-

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Pages: 63

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September 28, 2019 (JST)
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