The Heir's Chosen Bride Castle at Dolphin Bay 2

Hamish has no need for emotions-they'd only ruin his icy composure and keep him from making clear decisions. Unfortunately for him, he has to face nothing but emotional people after inheriting his late uncle's castle in Australia, especially the previous resident of the castle, widowed single mother Susie Douglas. Hamish just can't understand the countless tears she sheds. He plans to sell the old castle and make it into a hotel with his fiancee, but after spending time with Susie and the local villagers he soon starts to have second thoughts. On top of that, Susie is planning on leaving for America and Hamish can't help wanting her to stay. Will the emotion-phobic Hamish be able to express his growing passion for Susie?


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The Heir's Chosen Bride Castle at Dolphin Bay 2

Pages: 130
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artist : Masami Hoshino original novel : Marion Lennox Publisher : Harlequin Series : Castle at Dolphin Bay- 2 -

Localization by :


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