Sex Survivors -Five Men Marooned-

author :

Chihaya Magase


Natsu and Wataru have been chosen to take part in a reality TV program which involves a treasure hunt on and escape from a remote island. They need to cooperate with the other contestants and play the survival game... But there's something strange about this game! At night, they're surrounded by the local nipple-licking tribe, and get trapped in a cave... It turns out to be a wierd game masterminded by behind-the-scenes controllers! The guys get a little too close to Natsu, and he and his close friend Wataru end up jerking each other off. All their wires are getting crossed, but what is the main point of this game...!?


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author :

Chihaya Magase

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Japanese :

Sex Suevivor Kotou no Otoko 5 Nin

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Sex Survivors -Five Men Marooned-

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February 13, 2020 (JST)
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