Take My High Heels Off

author :

Jijico Okina


"Ken, do you really like me?" Kengo is always a little dry with his girlfriends, and that's what they say when they dump him. Then one day, he sees his classmate, Chiaki, dancing in high heels as part of a cultural festival presentation and gets a hard-on. He thinks it must be some mistake...... Depressed, but on his way to the after-party, he sees Chiaki going into a hotel with a strange man and finds himself further obsessed. Unable to contain himself, Kengo confronts Chiaki and...... What is this dark emotion......? A clumsy, straight, antisocial boy and a beautiful, gay, self-prostituting boy. A criss-cross love between male students muddled by infatuation and lust!!


Yaoi_MangaCrossdressingClassmatesLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts Completed

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author :

Jijico Okina

publisher :

ShuCream POP

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Japanese :

High Heels wo Nugasete

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Take My High Heels Off (1)

Pages: 27

Take My High Heels Off (2)

Pages: 31

Take My High Heels Off (3)

Pages: 27

Take My High Heels Off (4)

Pages: 29

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