Hiroto took his college friend Rei home after seeing how drunk and helpless he was, and they've been sleeping together ever since. Rei never wanted to do it with a guy before. They hardly knew each other and Rei can barely even remember that first night... Now Hiroto comes by whenever he wants, has his way with him, and even degrades him during sex. Rei knows he's a selfish bastard, so why does he keep letting Hiroto sleep with him? Is it because his touch is so gentle...? Rei struggles to come to terms with his feelings. So does Hiroto. For now, the only way they can express their love is with their bodies, but...


Yaoi_MangaCollegeLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts Completed

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ShuCream POP

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Aisaretagari to Koishirazu

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The Lonely and the Cold (1)

Pages: 27

The Lonely and the Cold (2)

Pages: 27

The Lonely and the Cold (3)

Pages: 28

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