[With Bonus Episode !] A Man for All Seasonings

[With Bonus Episode !] Including 4 special pages of additional story. Maddie invites her fiance and his family over for Christmas dinner, but she's hiding a terrible secret from him... She can't cook to save her life! Maddie decides she has to do something to prepare, so she signs up for classes with Joe Milano, a world-class chef. But it turns out that Joe is a playboy to the core and tries to seduce Maddie every chance he gets! Will Maddie be able to resist this delectable chef?


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[With Bonus Episode !] A Man for All Seasonings

Pages: 133
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

Buy : $6.99


artist : Towa Isezaki original novel : Day Leclaire Publisher : Harlequin

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