Maggie is a twenty-nine-year-old lawyer still burdened by her unrequited first love from ten years ago. She feels too cowardly to move on, and her love life has been stagnant ever since, but one day, she gets a call from her first love, Matt! He wants to hire her as his personal lawyer. Maggie's heart is pounding at the thought of being able to reunite with him after ten years. However, at their meeting place, she encounters a man she did not expect. After Maggie quits her job and is hired by Matt, he proposes a marriage of convenience, but Maggie is unsure of what step to take. However, time is running out and she must decide...



Classic_Romance_MangaFate/DestinyUpgrade Full Volume/Tankobon

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artist :

Ao Chimura

original novel :

Suzanne Brockmann

Publisher :


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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Scenes of Passion

rental available
Pages: 128

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