The Ice Prince Orsini Brides 1

Ana, a New York lawyer, is on her way to Rome. Her father has asked her to go, saying that the infamous Prince Draco Vatenti has been using her mother's property illegally. Unfortunately, she is unable to get a first-class seat at the airport, but she sees a man who has taken two of them for himself. Ana asks him give up one of his seats, but this man is as infuriating as he is stylish and sexy! He refuses Ana's plea, saying he has no interest in sitting next to the likes of her...then he suddenly kisses her! Just who does this bully think he is?


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The Ice Prince Orsini Brides 1

Pages: 128
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artist : Keiko Kishimoto original novel : Sandra Marton Publisher : Harlequin Series : Orsini Brides- 1 -

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