I'm Becoming a Sperm Donor: Merciless Milk Wars in the Year 20XX

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"Ahh...!! Eek, ah!" "Wait... Stop...!" In the year 20XX, the government launched a secret project to collect semen in order to foster future leaders as part of their efforts to combat the declining birthrate. Ryou Terashima comes from a yakuza family. He was an excellent athlete when he was in school, but he quit the track team after a certain incident. One day, the government asks Ryou to become a sperm donor. Since the company run by his family is facing financial difficulties, he decides to participate in the project in return for ample compensation, thinking that doing it just once won't hurt... But on the day he has his sperm collected, Hanyuu, the person who caused the incident when they were in school, shows up in front of Ryou! Hanyuu tells Ryou that he's going to palpate his body and shoves his fingers into him...! Will he be able to fulfill his mission as a sperm donor while protecting his virginity!?


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Seishi Kashidashimasu 20XX Nen Jinginaki Milk Sensou

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I'm Becoming a Sperm Donor: Merciless Milk Wars in the Year 20XX

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