In a land where the inhabitants are the size of a little finger, a thumb-sized prince is born. When the prince comes of age, he goes on a journey with his attendant, Tsubame, to find a marriage partner... only to find his nether regions besieged by the desires of his suitors! The prince, who has no sexual experience himself, is overwhelmed by their unbridled advances... But, it is the devoted support from Tsubame that receives the attention of the prince's heart... An adventure of bittersweet emotions and games of lust! Will the prince truly find himself a wonderful partner!?


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author :

Natsu Machimiya

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Japanese :

Yonja Ikenai BL Douwa Kedamono ni Natta Oyayubihime

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Forbidden Yaoi Fairy Tale: The Ravenous Thumb-Sized Prince

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Pages: 33

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