Secret Love in the Office

I'm Mayumi, and I spend my days in a lovey-dovey office relationship with my younger coworker, Naoto. He's normally a nice and gentlemanly boyfriend, but when he gets jealous or possessive, the beast in him comes out! I want to spend more quality time with my cool and adorable Naoto! This is a heart-throbbing and salacious anthology of stories about Mayumi and Naoto, with a sad and wistful standalone short story thrown in!

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Secret Love in the Office

My boyfriend is a gentlemanly but secretly wild younger guy! This is a heart-throbbing anthology of Naoto and Mayumi's sweet and salacious love stories![173pages]
Pages: 173
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author : Vanilla Soda publisher : KASAKURA PUBLISHING co.,ltd. Mitsujou Office

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