[Bundle] Penny Jordan Best Selection Vol.2

Collect one of Harlequin's bestselling authors, Penny Jordan Best Selection Vol.2! This content includes: "The Power of Vasilii", "A Secret Disgrace", "Taken by the Sheikh", "Response".
Laura applies for the position of personal secretary to Vasilii Demidov, a Russian businessman whose origin is also of the people of the desert. Laura has been yearning for him-this older brother of her friend-and even treasures a photo of him that she secretly took ten years ago. However, for some reason during the interview, he shows a strange animosity against Laura as he asks questions full of malevolence. Although she is furious and wishes to leave, out of his urgent need for a secretary who is fluent in Chinese he unexpectedly hires her. The next day, Laura departs for Monte Negro for a business trip alone with him!


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[Bundle] Penny Jordan Best Selection Vol.2

Pages: 560

Rent (48hrs) : 1200 pts

Buy : 2000 pts


artist : JETEmiko InoueTsukiko KurebayashiTakako Hashimoto original novel : Penny Jordan Publisher : Harlequin

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