A Pop Idol Buys Guys.

author :

Chihaya Magase


Yuya Aso is a pop star at the height of his popularity. One of his secret pleasures is to hire male escorts and have sex with them...... At night, he calls his favorite male escort, "Seiji," over to his hotel room, and they enjoy sessions of hot, rough sex. Things escalate between them, until finally Yuya offers to buy Seiji exclusively! Seiji looks down on Yuya, but he can't bring himself to totally hate him because Yuya reminds him of an old childhood friend...... Then, out of nowhere, the media gets hold of this stunning news! "A pop idol is buying men!" What will become of their shady relationship now that the whole world knows about them!?


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author :

Chihaya Magase

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Japanese :

Idol Otoko wo Kau

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A Pop Idol Buys Guys.

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April 08, 2021 (JST)
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