Manor of Love

author :

Takumi Izaki


"You belong to me." Chizu's father has a huge debt with Itsuki, a multi-millionaire, and has disappeared after the collapse of his business. Chizu has to pay back the loan now - with her body. Itsuki takes her virginity by force. "Everyone knows what I'm doing to you and that it's why you're here," he says, thrusting himself inside her day and night and making her moan as the sweet nectar continues to flow. Though she's aware that no sentiments of love are involved, she begins to be swayed by the occassional glimpses of kindness she sees between their acts of indecency...


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author :

Takumi Izaki

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Japanese :

Airei no Yakata

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Manor of Love

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Pages: 179

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May 10, 2018 (JST)
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