Adam's Apple -Sadistic Romance-

Toranosuke (Tora) transfers to a prestigious all-boys boarding school in England, attended mostly by super wealthy students. However, the luxurious and refined lifestyle, in which a butler tags along everywhere, is just too uptight for him...... That's when he meets Glenn. One of the hottest guys in the academy, Glenn falls for Tora at first sight......! "You're cute. I've fallen for you!" One night, Tora doesn't return to the dorms...... Glenn gets a bad feeling and goes out searching in panic. He finds Tora in a classroom, looking worse for wear...... "Why... did it turn out like this? If this is a dream... could somebody wake me up......?" A sadistic and dark world is seen through the cracks in an academy that seems peaceful at first glance...... It's a sad yet sweet and youthful love story between young men who carry pain. This scintillating tale with hot guys everywhere is a must-read!

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Adam's Apple -Sadistic Romance-

Pages: 54

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author : Tonari Toyama publisher : futurecomics Adam no Ringo Renai Sadistic

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