Acquired: The Ceo's Small-Town Bride

Rafe Cameron left his hometown to amass a fortune and to make a name for himself. Ten years later he returns so he can exact his revenge against Mr. Worth, the man he holds responsible for his parents' financial troubles. Sarah Richards, Rafe's childhood sweetheart, is dismayed to discover that he is still bent on ruining Mr. Worth. Yet despite this and even after ten years, Sarah still holds affection for Rafe in her heart. With the encouragement of her grandmother, she decides that she must do everything in her power to persuade Rafe to drop his vendetta. Will Rafe allow himself to remember the love he holds for Sarah? Or will he let revenge consume him and lose his chance to make a life with Sarah?


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Acquired: the CEO's Small-Town Bride

Pages: 129
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Midori Seto original novel : Catherine Mann Publisher : Harlequin

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