One Month with the Magnate

Fifteen years ago, Isabelle, a rich young woman, fell in love with Emilio, her housekeeper's son. And, though they were from different worlds, they promised to elope. But just before they were to marry, Isabelle broke their promise and married another man. Today, their circumstances are reversed; Emilio has hired Isabelle to work as his housekeeper. Isabelle performs as poorly as you'd expect given her charmed upbringing, but Emilio is surprisingly kind to her. Her heart races with the possibility that the young man who once loved her is still somewhere inside Emilio, but Isabelle is all too unaware of his cruel secret plan-to seduce her, then break her heart!


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One Month with the Magnate

Pages: 128
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Nanami Akino original novel : Michelle Celmer Publisher : Harlequin

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