Melissa Swift, an ER doctor, went on a holiday to Italy for some much-needed relaxation. While she's unwinding on the beach, a boy is severely injured in an accident, but thanks to her skilled care, she's able to save the boy's life. Later at the hospital, she meets the emergency room doctor, Mateo, who also happens to be the boy's father! He is strikingly handsome, and his deep brown eyes begin to make Melissa's heart beat faster. Mateo is overwhelmed by gratitude for Melissa's kindness...but there's something more there, too. His words are as sweet as chocolate and Lissa is melting in the face of his passion. But Lissa has made up her mind never to fall in love with anyone again. Will this rare encounter spark the true love she never hoped to gain?



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Akemi Maki

original novel :

Josie Metcalfe

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The Italian Effect

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Pages: 129

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