The Corrupt Company Warrior, Keitaro, And the All-Powerful App

author :

Chiharu Sakado


Keitaro installs an application that will fulfill even his deepest wishes. At work, he comes to realize that Ayato, one of his senior coworkers, is being blackmailed and violated by the manager, Mr. Ushigome. Determined to avenge him, Keitaro stops time! There's sexy talk! Kissing! Nipples rubbed raw! Cum! Keitaro speeds toward all his heart's desires, so will he also get Ayato...!? With a three-day trial of this miracle application, he gets double what he expects!


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author :

Chiharu Sakado

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Japanese :

Black Kigyou Senshi Morishita Kami App de Yaritaihoudai

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The Corrupt Company Warrior, Keitaro, and the All-Powerful App

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Pages: 33

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June 03, 2017 (JST)
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