The Sun Tower

Left orphaned after her father is lost at sea, young Dina is taken under the wing of Bella Rhinehart, a rich widow. She grows up to become a beautiful, refined young woman and gets engaged to Bay Bigelow, a man chosen for her by Bella. Bay is a man of good breeding and an ideal husband for the young, high-class woman, but Dina feels no passion for him. It's then that she meets Raf, an Italian with eyes as captivating as a sorcerer's. He's a few years older than her, he's arrogant and he's not shy about making advances. As Dina feels a passion that she's never felt before, she finds herself torn between the two men...


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The Sun Tower

Pages: 128
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artist : Jun Makimura original novel : Violet Winspear Publisher : Harlequin

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