Charlotte is the personal secretary of the Greek investor Nico, and she has been trying to get in touch with land developer Zander for him. When she finally manages to get ahold of this very busy man, her heart skips a beat at his lovely voice. Before she knows it, Charlotte starts chatting with Zander regularly. These conversations are her only relief from taking care of her severely ill mother day in and day out. She gets the chance to meet him in the flesh when she is assigned to negotiate a deal with him, but when she finally lays eyes on him, she's shocked. He looks exactly like her boss, Nico!



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artist :

Yuri Kanoko

original novel :

Carol Marinelli

Publisher :


Series :

The Secrets of Xanos- 2 -

Localization by :


Item List Current ch. 1 completed

An Indecent Proposition the Secrets of Xanos 2

rental available
Pages: 128

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