[Bundle] Working Heroine Selection vol.5

This bundle contains : "THE ITALIAN'S BLACKMAILED MISTRESS", "BLIND DATE WITH THE BOSS" and "For the Love of Emma".
Max Quintao, hailed by the gossip magazines and high society as "the world's sexiest man," happens to be Sophie's boss. When Max invites her to dinner and plies her with all his charms, Sophie falls in love with him and, believing him to be "the one," she gives up her virginity to him...But the next morning she overhears Max and his stepsister discussing their cruel scheme-they'll hide their illicit affair by using Sophie as a cover! Of course, she leaves Max after that. But four years later, with her father deep in debt to Max, poor Sophie is blackmailed into being his mistress...


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[Bundle] Working Heroine Selection vol.5

Pages: 402
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artist : Nina HatoriSae NanahoshiMito Orihara original novel : Jacqueline BairdBarbara HannayLucy Gordon Publisher : Harlequin

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