Crime, Punishment, and Passion

author :

Takumi Izaki


"I want you." Hijiri, the man who saves Noa when she falls into a lake, is only after one thing... Noa herself. Under the pretense of a business visit, Hijiri approaches Noa and warns her that she can't let her fiance have her, and leaves behind a red mark on her chest. He comes back later to check if she's kept her promise, groping around her hot insides with his fingers... And that's enough to get her juices flowing and send her wild with desire. There's no way they can get away with this......


Mature_Romance_MangaSeriousLocalized by RentaUpgrade Full Volume/Tankobon

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author :

Takumi Izaki

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Japanese :

Tsumi to Batsu to Mitsu

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Crime, Punishment, and Passion

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Pages: 160

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December 17, 2017 (JST)
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