Thirty-Day Fiance The Rulebreakers 3

Nick is somewhat fascinated by a woman who lives on the second floor of his next door neighbor's house. But he has no will to materialize his feelings for her. One day, a fire breaks out from the house where the woman lives and Nick rescues her, during which he burns himself. To his surprise, the woman he saved is his childhood friend Olivia. Wishing to help out Nick whose hands were burned, Olivia, now homeless, agrees to rent out one of the rooms of Nick's house. That's all there is, but people around them now believe that those two are engaged! Then Nick and Olivia decide to...


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Thirty-Day Fiance the Rulebreakers 3

Pages: 128
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Yukako Midori original novel : Leanne Banks Publisher : Harlequin Series : The Rulebreakers- 3 -

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