[Bundle] Boss Hero Selection vol.4

This bundle contains :"Oh-So-Sensible Secretary","THE BOSS'S DOUBLE TROUBLE TWINS" and "LONE STAR MILLIONAIRE".
It's Summer's first day meeting her boss, Phin Gibson. The ever-diligent Summer is nervous about meeting him and comes to the office bright and early, only to have Phin show up late, looking like he'd just rolled out of bed-definitely not the look of the executive of a big corporation! The truth is there's not a person in the U.K. who doesn't know who he is. He's the younger brother of the head of a major department store chain, but also stars in his own nature show where he explores deserts and jungles. In fact, he has no interest in the company. Sure, he may be handsome, but he's also completely childish. The exact opposite everything Summer had been expecting. But will her initial impression give way to something more?

(c)Toyo Issiki/HELEN CONRAD

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[Bundle] Boss Hero Selection vol.4

Pages: 390
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artist : Kyoko SagaraToyo IsshikiYoshiko Hanatsu original novel : Jessica HartRaye MorganSusan Mallery Publisher : Harlequin

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